where there were the greatest increases in the prices of meat, bread and pasta

L’inflation weighs on Italian families and collapses purchasing power from North to South. Not only for electricity and gas bills, but also for the net rising food prices and basic necessities. The price of the breadfor example, it has never been higher: Eurostat reports an 18% growth compared to August 2021.

The war in Ukraine and all the consequences related to sanctions and lower exports affect the increases. Italy is not exempt from the record inflation reached in August, with the highest value recorded since 1985: + 8.4% on an annual basis, also increasing compared to the previous month.

They certainly have a lot of influence on the prices of energy goods, grown out of all proportion. But not only that, because the increase also affects the food goods ei durable goods. With important differences between the different ones city of Italy: which are, therefore, those in which the prices are higher for products such as bread, pasta, meat, milk and eggs?

Which products cost more and how much

Il Sole 24 Ore reports some studies onprice increase in Italy and in the singles capital city. First of all, he starts from the Coldiretti report, in which he underlines how the cost of wheat and bread has increased tenfold due to energy increases, but also to increases in the price of feed and fertilizers. Here’s how much the cost of some products:

  • Butter + 34%
  • Chicken meat + 16%
  • Flour + 23%
  • Milk + 19%
  • Margarine + 24%
  • Bread + 14%
  • Pasta + 22%
  • Rice + 22%
  • Salami + 7%
  • Eggs + 15%
  • Yogurt + 12%

Other data are provided by Codacons, which underlines how seed oil costs 62% more than in 2021, while the price of butter grew by 35% and that of pasta almost 26%.

In which cities prices have risen the most

Another element is highlighted by Codacons: the territorial differences on the prices of products such as bread, pasta, whole milk, aubergines, courgettes, pork and beef. The comparison was made on the basis of Mise data at the end of July and there are no changes in trend. It concerns ten regional capitals: Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Venice.

Let’s start from bread: it ranges from a price per kilo of 2.16 euros in Naples to 5.83 euros in Venice. For a liter of milk the lowest price is recorded in Venice (1.24 euros) and the highest in Turin (1.81) but with minor differences compared to bread. For the pasta the most expensive city is Cagliari (€ 2.25 per kilo) and the cheapest city is Palermo (1.38).

Net the difference on the cost of beef: it goes from 22.53 euros per kilo in Bologna to 13.97 in Naples. Also for the eggplant from Naples (1.34) to Venice (2.74) the price doubles. Similar price for zucchini: € 1.37 in Naples against € 2.74 in Florence. Finally for the pig meat the difference is smaller: it starts from 7.11 euros in Florence and reaches 10.01 euros in Bari.

The other record increases in Italian cities

But the price increases don’t stop with food products. It is the National Consumers Union that reports other record increases in some cities. As regards the insurance, growth is 8.3% in Padua and 8.1% in Florence. For the financial serviceslike bank charges, an increase of 18% is reached in Bolzano and Trento, against an Italian average of 4.5%.

Average cost increase for i hospital services 1% in Italy, but with peaks of 36.1% in Piacenza, 25.7% in Ravenna and 12.1% in Brindisi. For the water supplies and services the average increase in Italy is 1.5%, but in Bolzano it reaches 12.3%, in Verona 9.7% and in Terni 9.6%.

Finally, i also increase prices of accommodation serviceslike the hotels: in Italy costs grow by 12.5% ​​and the peak is reached in La Spezia (+ 34%), Siena (29.1%) and Lucca (28.2%). In many other cities the increase is more than 20%. However, there are some exceptions, with four cities where prices drop compared to last year: Macerata, Reggio Emilia, Vercelli and Reggio Calabria.

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