Where to watch the series ‘Amores que Enganam’ – 08/05/2022 – Illustrated

The channel’s first original production in Latin America, “Amores que Enganam” is a series in anthology format, which tells stories of love and disillusionment with actors from various countries, in ten independent episodes.

In the first, “Happiness Is Priceless,” a woman breaks up with her fiancé and, on a trip to unwind, meets an interesting—and dangerous—man. With the Brazilians Sophia Abrahão, Duda Nagle and Julia Gama.

Lifetime, 10:40 pm, 14 years

On Glo’s Screen

Mckeidy Lisita, one of the voices of Globo’s calls, presents and comments on the films that the station shows until Monday, in the “Tela Quente” session. A new episode every Friday, starting at 6pm.

Globo YouTube, free


The second episode of the series records the visit of Bolivian migrant Rocío Yujira to the museum, where she discovers the origin of the word “poncho”, which also exists in Spanish.

YouTube of the Portuguese Language Museum, free

I’m Ryca! two

In the second feature of the franchise, the protagonist Selminha, by Samantha Schmütz, loses all her fortune, after a woman claims to be the true heiress, and returns to her old poor life.

Telecine Premium, 22h, 12 years

the seventh day

An experienced exorcist trains a novice priest in the technique of casting out demons. Horror with Guy Pearce.

HBO, 10:11 pm, 16 years old

Bake Off Brazil – Hands-on

The confectioner competition reaches its eighth season with Italian chef Giuseppe Gerundino joining Beca Milano to judge the 18 candidates. The presentation will be in charge of Nadja Haddad. The winner wins a trip to Belgium and R$25,000 in purchases.

SBT, 22:30, free


After being murdered, a former soldier is resurrected and gains the abilities to regenerate and shapeshift. He then sets out to seek revenge. Thriller with Vin Diesel, unreleased on open TV.

Record, 23:15, 14 years old

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