Which Android version is the most popular? The new data is surprising

Google has struggled with Android fragmentation for years. New versions of the green robot are gaining popularity very slowly, and it is no different now, with the premiere of the 12th iteration of the software. So much so that Android 12 has not yet appeared in the manufacturer’s statistics.

From the information disclosed by Google it appears that Android 10 is the most popular of 2019, the share of which is 26.5 percent. Only last year’s Android 11 comes in second with a result of 24.2 percent. The third place on the podium was for the release of 9.0 Pie with 18.2 percent. share. Below is a chart showing the current fragmentation of the platform.

Photo: Google / 9to5 Google

You are probably wondering where Android 12 is? Well, Google announced the final version of the system in early October, but the update hit Pixels a few weeks later. Hence, its share is negligible, because other manufacturers (except Samsung) have not yet started updating their own smartphones for this release. It will take a while.

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