Which car consumes the most? Here is the official ranking

In the world of engines we are now witnessing a continuous evolution in terms of efficiency. In fact, many research teams are developing increasingly less energy-intensive engines, capable of sustaining many km with little fuel.

Furthermore, the advent of electric cars has certainly contributed to focusing attention on the consumption of classic combustion cars.

In fact, if in the utility car market much attention is paid to consumption, there are niches in the automotive market that do not give much value to the amount of fuel they use.

We are talking about the sport carsperformance, which are specially unbalanced to create driving sensations full of adrenaline.

The cars that consume the most

Obviously we are faced with a group of very expensive cars, which few can own. Nevertheless, knowing these values ​​is important to better understand the world of sports cars.

A Ferrari could certainly not be missing in such a ranking. There are many Ferraris that consume a lot, but it certainly stands out the F12 berlinetta, which with its 740 hp certainly does not lack power. Precisely for this, however, it consumes a good 6 km per liter. In short, during a trip, stops are always a must with this car.

But there are those who make even more of a stir on this list. This is the Lamborghini Aventador, one of the fastest models of the car manufacturer known worldwide for its speed. In this case, in fact, the consumption is well 5 km for every liter of fuel!

If we think that some cars reach 20km per liter, it is really an important difference.

However, on the top step of this ranking there is Bugatti Chiron, designed to be uncompromising. It has a 1500 horsepower engine that allows it to reach almost 420km / h, but for this very reason it consumes a lot. In fact, with a liter of fuel just under 4 km.

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