Which celebrities fought breast cancer?

When Dorota Gardias recently announced her diagnosis, all of Poland held its breath. It turned out that the presenter was diagnosed with breast cancer. The weatherwoman confessed that then her whole life passed before her eyes. Fortunately, the prognosis is very good, and the star will have to undergo surgery and further treatment.

However, it is not only she in the world of show business who is struggling with this problem. Many celebrities are increasingly trying to speak out about the prevention of breast cancer and talk about their own experiences. Both in Poland and abroad. They are also not hiding with the decision to have a mastectomy. Who are we talking about?

It was Shirley Temple Black who was the first known woman to speak publicly about the diagnosis of breast cancer. However, it was only when Angelina Jolie – a symbol of female beauty and sex appeal – underwent prophylactic surgery to remove her breasts that it got really loud.

This decision was also made by Paulina Młynarska, when she discovered morphological changes, the presence of which indicated a high risk of developing malignant breast cancer in the future.

It took eight years before she received an official diagnosis. Since then, she has become an ambassador for women who urges them to get regular checkups. She also published a touching book “Lewa, a memory of the right, which is a kind of diary describing her struggle with breast cancer.

Although the diagnosis was extremely terrifying for the singer, she finally managed to win the disease.

The actress, whom viewers associate with the series “M jak miłość”, was very surprised by the doctors’ diagnosis. She received it in 2003, but still she did not quit her job. After the necessary surgery, she underwent chemotherapy, and thanks to appropriate rehabilitation, she finally recovered.

When the actress made her first visit to the doctor, she was concerned about the lump she felt in her breast. She didn’t even want to think about her illness then, because she was busy … making a movie. Although she came to the oncologist quite late, fortunately she managed to cure the disease. The star won the fight against cancer twice.

Polsat journalist found out about the diagnosis of breast cancer in 2017. She had to go through a lot of treatments that were disastrous for her. A sparing operation was needed, as many as 25 series of radiotherapy, and after chemotherapy she had 16 strokes … After all these experiences, she announced that she was finally in remission.

The so-called The “Angelina Jolie Effect” has been a huge success in cancer prevention. Celebrities using their ranges can inspire and educate women on such important issues, sometimes even saving their lives. In October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is celebrated, signed with the famous pink ribbon, and it is worth doing the appropriate tests before it is too late.

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