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With skyrocketing bills and the cost of living ever higher, Italians in difficulty are on the rise. Especially the elderly. They are the category most affected by the energy crisis. And so the risk of losing the house or end up in the hands of some usurer is around the corner. The volunteers who distribute food parcels become aware of the now unsustainable situation.

Pensions, who will not have the increase: the amount you care

“Who needs – he says Giustino Trinciadirector of Caritas of Rome, al Messenger – ask the close person, perhaps who lives in your condominium, in your neighborhood. Maybe it starts by giving you 100 euros to pay a piece of your bill and to pay a portion of the food expense. You do not expect it and then you find yourself asking you for interest. “A confirmation that comes from the data of the Favor debitoris association, which is committed against debt and the consequent usury.

Beware of pensions: those who risk the very heavy cut from 1 September

They are, in fact, about 200 thousand retirees who end up with foreclosed pensions. A large number, to the point that an amendment to the Aid bis law introduces changes to the limit of impenability of pensions. In other words, it goes from 700 to one thousand euros as a threshold below which pensions cannot be foreclosed. Until now, it took very little to find yourself without the monthly income due to a foreclosure. With the new provision, however, an extra protection band has been obtained. But the problem remains and the risk of it getting worse is increasingly real. “I’m afraid – he concludes Antonella Sciarrone Alibrandi, Vice Rector of the Catholic University and director of the observatory on private debt – that people in difficulty today are forced to resort to taking on new debts and perhaps outside the legal circuit and turning to organized crime “.

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