Which saints are celebrated today? Consult the Saints on Thursday, September 21st

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Today, Thursday, September 21st, the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of San Mateo, as well as those of San Alejandro de Baccano, San Jonas and Santa Maura.

``Saint Matthew and the Angel'' by Guido Reni, housed in the Vatican Museums.
“Saint Matthew and the Angel” by Guido Reni, housed in the Vatican Museums.wikidata

todayThursday September 21stthe Catholic Church celebrates in it saint festival saint matthewas well as those of Saint Alexander of Baccano, St. Jonah which one st mauraamong other saints and blessed people.

saint matthew It was one of the the twelve apostles of jesus.he was born in ancient times capernaum, a fishing town in the north of present-day Israel. His occupation is tax collectorhe was not particularly loved because he was collecting taxes that the Jews had to pay to the Romans.

He met several times near the Sea of ​​Galilee. Jesus And I saw that he had once cured a paralytic. Then one day he heard another voice, the voice of a man who simply said: ”Follow me please“Matthew got up and followed him forever. That man was just Jesus.”

Baptized as Mateo, that is. gift of the lord, he preached in Judea for many years.it was one of those Author of the Twelve Apostles and the first Gospel of the New Testament. This work was originally written in Aramaic and was aimed at Jewish Christians.

their relic They can be found in the basement. Salerno Cathedral In Italy, it is celebrated on September 21st with a solemn procession. On the other hand, in Spain, Festivals in San Mateo de Logrono They are celebrated in the calendar week corresponding to the day indicated to the saint.

Central on September 21st

Saints Today, September 21stcelebrate the following Onomastyx:

  • apostle saint matthew
  • Saint Alexander of Baccano
  • Saint Cadoc of Lan Calvin
  • St. Castor of Apt
  • greek holy square
  • Saint Gerulf of Tronciennes
  • Saint Jonah the Prophet
  • St. Lanferine of Ettenheim
  • Saint Pamphilus of Rome
  • Virgin of Saint Iphigenia
  • Saint Maura of Troyes
  • Blessed Mark of Mutina Scalabrini

he catholic saint This is a group of people recognized as saints by the church or blessed on a particular day.he roman martyrology This is a document that names approximately 7,000 saints and blessed people recognized by the Church and distributes them on a calendar.

The saints are Outstanding Men and Women in Various Religious Traditions For a special relationship with God, or for a particular moral advancement. Meanwhile, consideration of the blessed constitutes his third step on the road to canonization.

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