Who are the actors of Sakra movie, what is the subject? When and in which year was the movie Sakra released?

Sakra film is getting ready to meet the audience on the television screens on the evening of Wednesday, 23rd August. The script was written by Sheng Lingzhi, Zhu Wei, He Ben, Chen Li, Shen Lejing, Xu Yifan and transferred to the big screen by Donnie Yen. With its successful cast and interesting scenario, Sakra is an action-adventure film. Here is the subject and cast of Sakra movie…



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    Sakra movie story and cast

After the film screen, the film Sakra, which is getting ready to face the audience on the television screen, will be released in 2023. lead roles in the film Sakra; Shared by Donnie Yen, Chen Yuqi, Sia Liu. Well, “Who are the actors of Sakra movie, what is the subject?” Here are the answers to all the curious questions about the movie Sakra…

What is Sakra movie about?

Qiao Feng is the respected leader of a group of traveling martial artists. After being wrongly accused of murder and exiled, Qiao Feng goes on the run in search of answers about his mysterious origin story and unknown enemies trying to erase him from the shadows.

Who are the actors of Sakra movie?

donnie yeh

Yuki Chen

sia lucia liu

Yase Liu

woo woo woo

black y

Eddie Cheung

yuming do

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