Who are the most coveted singles by Grazia’s editorial staff (on a misunderstanding…)? – Grazia

We are spoiled for choice…

There is no shortage of singles among celebrities right now. And among the gentlemen who are a heart to take, there are some who are more coveted than others. And because of their physique of course. If they pass by here, let them know that our DMs are open.

Michael B.Jordan, 36 years. He is an actor, director and the best role model Calvin Klein has ever had. He’s been officially single since June 2022, when he split from Lori Harvey. It is Magali’s choice (without e). Why Michael? “It could have been Regé-Jean (Page) but he is already dating a content creator… Solidarity in the profession obliges, I turn to Michael B., a real bachelor. And more muscular. »

Harry Styles, 29 years. He is a singer, and a little actor. He has been officially single since November 2022 when we learned that he had ended his relationship with Olivia Wilde. Since then, he seems to enjoy it (hello Yan Yan, Emily, Candice…). It’s Chloe’s choice. Why Harry? “Because he wears sequin jumpsuits better than anyone”.

bradley cooper, 48 years old. He is an actor and director. Dad of a little girl born in 2017 from his relationship with Irina Shayk, he has been officially single since their separation in the spring of 2019. In 2022, he was given a relationship with Huma Abedin without knowing if their story is still relevant – if indeed it was a reality! It’s Sara’s choice. Why Bradley? “Because he has a sexy accent when he speaks French. And that we could give him private lessons if he wishes. »

Tom Cruise, 61 years old. He is an actor and a daredevil. Three times married, three times divorced, three times a dad, he has been officially single since June 2012 (yes, 2012) and his divorce from Katie Holmes. From ? RAS. It’s Jordane’s choice. Why Tom: “He is the savior of the world in his films, why not try to save him from the Scientology in real life, huh? »

Jeremy AllenWhite, 32 years old. He is an actor, he revealed himself with the series Shamelesshe confirmed his full potential with The Bear, a culinary series that won him a Golden Globe for best actor. He has been officially single since May 2023, when his wife Addison Timlin filed for divorce. Is it Selena’s fault? That’s just a rumour. It’s Jade’s choice. Why Jeremy? “For his blue eyes and because when he jogs bare-chested it’s fun to watch.”

Keith Powers, 30 years old (soon to be 31). Former model, he is an actor, we saw him in What/If And Totally his style (on Netflix). He has been officially single since early 2022 after splitting from Ryan Destiny after four years of dating. It’s Manuella’s choice. Why Keith? “But after all, you haven’t seen his physique? » Oh yes, sorry.

Rome Flynn, 31 years. He is an actor. He is the father of a little girl, Kimiko, born in 2014 from his relationship with Molly Noriko Hurley, they separated in 2016. His last known relationship was with Camia Marie. He’s been officially single since… we don’t really know when. It’s Aminata’s choice. Why Roma? “Because her smile makes me crack”. That’s all, really?

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