Who are the Spanish heroes?

Schools, families and teachers play a big role in changing these contexts. we should also provide them tools that allow them to discover new inspiring peopleThose who encourage and motivate them to achieve their goals.

As teachers, we know that Adolescence is an essential stage of character formation and personality of the people. Moreover, this is a stage of life in which it is especially important for us find our identity Also identify with the group and be able to make your own decisions.

For precisely this reason, it is essential that our students have Good references that they find inspiring. A great example are elite athletes, who embody the spirit of self-improvement and continuous improvement.

At the same time, looking at the example of these people, they will also be able to understand Take it positive. Solidarity and social responsibility are essential in the education of students. here are some cases valor and value so that your students can learn from heroes,

miguel angel franco

miguel angel franco is the name of the soldier who He saved a dozen lives in the 2017 Mali attack. Miguel Angel was calmly taking a dip in the pool when he started hearing the shots. The hotel where he was staying, Le Campement, came under attack.

franco there a Military mission on behalf of the European Union. He was resting in the hot summer of 18 June, but a group of terrorists picketed the hotel to try to commit a massacre.

He didn’t think twice. he put people out of safety and a hill defended himself with an AK-47, He had to resist for six and a half hours, but all twelve men made him out alive.

Ignacio Echeverria

Echevarría, also known as the “Skateboard Hero”, was a young Spaniard Decided to stand against the terrorists of the 2017 London attack. Armed only with a skateboard, he prevented jihadists from further stabbing a woman in Borough Market.

Unfortunately, the attackers He stabbed Ignacio twice, killing him. However, thanks to his courage, all the people walking on the road at that time saved their lives.

Marcelo Pavida

On September 11, 2001, minutes after the attack on the first tower of the World Trade Center in New York, Marcelo Pavida, a police officer, reached the bottom of the building. Within seconds the fuselage crushed his car and It shattered three vertebrae.

He does not know where, but the fact is that he got enough strength to get down from the car and start helping people, Still injured, hundreds of people saved their lives thanks to Pevida’s performance.

as we can work with these heroes So that our students can integrate their values? We tell you some activities that can be really interesting:

  • Find your hero: In this dynamic, each student should look for an inspirational figure who has done good for their community. Next, you have to share your story with the rest of the class.
  • Who is it…?: This involves students researching people known for their heroism. In this case, we will be the ones who give the names, and they will take care of rebuilding their lives.
  • Wall of Heroes: Together, in the classroom, we will create a large mural that we will later display in the corridors of the Institute.
  • Tell me about our heroes: By groups, our students will seek out the lives and works of Spanish heroes and heroines. They would then go to the upper and lower grade classrooms to share stories.

“The Game of Valor”: What if we did a “heroic game” with the whole class? It is a question of finding reference figures and writing in brief lines what their exemplary works were. Afterward, we’ll create two different cards: one with an image and one with a life story. We will share the game to other classes so that they have to match them and know their adventures.

In this article we have talked about some such people, spanish hero Who have helped in making our society a better society with their values. we also got you something Keys so that you can work with your students on their example. Have you ever done any of these activities in the classroom? What results have you got? Share your thoughts with other teachers in the Magisnet community.

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