Who in Hollywood earns the most for one episode of a series? I am talking about a staggering amount

Shows for which Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt will receive such large sums, they have not yet been released. In the case of RDJ – the record holder in the “Variety” ranking – we are talking about the production of “Sympatyk”, prepared by A24 studio and HBO. For one episode, the performer of the role of Iron Man will get at least $ 2 million. (this amount most likely also includes his earnings as a producer for the show). Thus, Downey Jr. He beats his colleague from the Marvel universe, Chris Pratt, by just over half a million. Pratt is on board the Amazon series “The Terminal List” – his salary per episode is expected to be $ 1.4 million.

Robert Downey Jr. as Doctor DolittleRobert Downey Jr. years later he returns to the television screen. He will star in the new HBO series

You have to pay dearly for the performances of these actresses and actors in serials

The podium in the “Variety” ranking is closed by Jeff Bridges, who, according to the American magazine, receives $ 1 million. for his appearances in the upcoming FX series “The Old Man”. In fourth place was Bryan Cranston – “Your Honor”, an adaptation of the Israeli series “Kvodo”, for the episode he earned him 750 thousand. hole. per episode.

What about actresses? Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are high on the list – it can be assumed that they were encouraged to return to the world of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte from “Sex in the City” not only by nostalgia, but also by a salary of 650-750 thousand . hole. for one episode of “And Just Like That …”. A similar amount ($ 650,000) was received by Kate Winslet, who played the lead role in the well-received HBO series “Mare of Easttown”.

Sex and the CityThe new Samantha in “Sex and the City”? A non-binary character joins the team

600,000 each hole. Gillian Anderson, Michelle Pffeifer and Viola Davis have negotiated – all actresses will appear together in the Showtime series “The First Lady”, starring Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama. The same money for the episode also get Pedro Pascal (the role of Joel in the series adaptation of the game “The Last of Us”) and Martin Short and Steve Martin, who play in the comedy-crime Hulu production “Only Murders in the Building”.

“Variety” rightly notices that in the era of streaming boom it is more and more difficult to create a sure hit, which is why platform bosses are ready to spend a lot on names that will ensure their viewers’ interest even before the production is released. – The times when you can earn the popularity of a given series are over – says one of the magazine’s interlocutors. – Now you take as much as possible from the platform in advance, negotiate something else on the side and that’s the case.

With the full “Variety” list, in which they were also included, inter alia, Jason Sudeikis, Alec Baldwin and Ted Danson, you can check out here.

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