Who is Blue Beetle, this superhero whose film is coming to the cinema soon?

A young hero not very clever, but with a big heart, a fan of Batman, could restore the image of DC Comics films on August 16th.

Behind Blue Beetle, who is far from being one of the most famous characters in the DC Comics universe, hides a giant. Alongside Charles Nicholas Wojtkowski, it is indeed none other than Will Eisner, one of the pillars of comics, who gave birth to the character. Eisner was the creator of the first American graphic novel, or one of the first employers of geniuses such as Bob Kane (Batman) or Jack Kirby (Captain America, HulkTHE X-Men…).

His level of recognition in the field is such that an award bearing his name has become the most prestigious award given to comic book works in the United States. With such a dad, the next movie Blue Beetle immediately becomes much more intriguing.


Like other heroes before him, Blue Beetle knew various secret identities according to the times. First in the guise of Dan Garret, police officer then archaeologist, using a beetle-shaped artifact to gain superpowers. In the late 1960s, a student of the researcher took over, Ted Kord (a name that would come up later).

Finally, it is on the third version of the character imagined in 2005 that the film is based. Jamie Reyes is a Latin American student, who accidentally discovers an artifact allowing him to realize his dream: to become a superhero, like Batman, his idol.

The cobra and the beetle

The peculiarity of this modern version, like the Miles Morales of the universe Spiderman, lies in youth, humor, but also a certain form of awkwardness of the hero, which makes his adventures “complicated”. The next film, with the star of the series Cobra-Kai (Xolo Maridueña) at its head, intelligently takes up these characteristics.

Jamie and his family are very funny, and the situations, once the beetle costume has been put on, are not always easy to manage for the apprentice hero. The icing on the cake, after the defection of Sharon Stone, it is Susan Sarandon who will interpret the antagonist, Victoria Kord (yes, the own wife of Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle). In short, a film that respects the universe of the character, with a good dose of action and humor. What to hope to do better than Tea Flashwhich shouldn’t be too difficult.

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