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from Francesco Battistini

An international arrest warrant has been issued for Oleksandr Naumenko

KIEV – Hto a banal face, as evil often does. Paffutella, clean shaven. And she always wears the
white and red: the Russian anti-terrorist’s Omon stripe, those who respond to the motto we do not know pity and we do not ask for it. His ferocity, however, was nothing normal. They saw him throwing whole families out of the house with his own hands and confiscating their properties. They heard him when on the square in Kherson he ordered his men to shoot the crowd. And everyone knew it was better to escape, if he commanded to throw grenades and tear gas, because it meant that the worst was coming. One day he had two Ukrainian soldiers delivered, he kept them for weeks in the torture chambers, to force them to give news on the enemy’s positions. Nobody really knew his name. Everyone said he was Colonel Alfa.

Colonel Alfa now has a name. Oleksandr Naumenko, 51 years old. Police commander in Rostov and deputy administrative chief of the Russian National Guard. It took months to figure out who he was, but now the SBU secret services have obtained an international arrest warrant for violating Article 438 of the Ukrainian penal code, which punishes those who break the laws of war. Colonel Alfa is the first senior officer that Kiev has identified with certainty and wants to bring to the stand. There is a Book of Executioners, with almost 30,000 war crimes recorded, which the Ukrainian government updates from hour to hour with a thousand stories of the victims who survived death. here are gathering the dossiers on the unearthed in the mass graves of Izyum, the tests on the massacred in Bucha, the tests on the slaughterhouses in Mariupol ordered by the new Russian commander-in-chief, General Mikhail Mizintsev. The number one wanted man remains another general, Alexander Dvornikov, who is believed to have been the main culprit in the attacks on the theater and hospital in Mariupol.. Where they can, the Ukrainians arrange to close the accounts without too much formalities: in Kherson, a missile aimed directly at a hotel that housed Oleksiy Zhuravko, the pro-Russian deputy of the Rada often pointed out among the collaborators of the invading troops.

The hunt for war criminals is becoming an urgency, as black stories pop up every day: in one of the 18 torture chambers in Kharkiv, they even found seven Sinhalese working in the countryside and were beaten for months. Ukraine does not adhere to the Hague Tribunal, more or less like Russia or the US, but accepts the UN investigations – see the violence against 4-year-old children, reported on Friday – and that the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over what happened from 2014 to today. After having held rather summary trials of simple toy soldiers, in Kiev they think it is time to raise the level and strike higher, says Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskiy, among those who gave the order to torture. In recent months, Eli Rosenbaum, an American, famous hunter of war criminals, has also been hired as a consultant: he has dragged about a hundred to trial, from Bosnia to Guatemala, from Rwanda to Cambodia, including an old Nazi kap found 70 years later in Tennessee. There is no hiding place that works for these people, this Wiesenthal 2.0 promises. And Alfa is only the first letter in the list

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