Who is Dr. Victor Chang, the main character of Google Doodle | On his birth anniversary

Google dedicated this to Tuesday, November 21st its traditional doodle to Dr. Victor Chan, pioneer of surgery contemporary Heart transplant.

Mr. Chan, The Australian Chinese surgeon was born on Today in 1936, Shanghai. When he was a child, his mother had breast cancer. This sparked his interest a few years later. medicine.

He studied his degree at the University of Sydney and cardiothoracic surgeon At St. Vincent’s Hospital in that city.

One of his most important contributions to medicine was Development of St. Vincent artificial heart valvethis was noticeable compared to the previous model. cheap therefore, accessible Used all over the world for lifesaving treatment.

was He is also recognized for performing a heart transplant on Australia’s youngest patient in 1984., Fiona Coote, 14-year-old teenager. Two years later, the girl underwent a similar operation, and she became the longest-surviving heart transplant patient.

What he created was Victor Chan Foundation in 1984, which provides scholarships to surgeons in South East Asia and brings surgeons to St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney for training in advanced cardiac surgery, particularly heart transplants. We also award grants to programs exploring innovations in cardiac surgery.

in 1986 Obtained Australia’s highest honor: Member of the Order of Australia.

He died on July 4, 1991 in Mosman, Australia. killed For attempted extortion. His crime shocked the maritime nation. In 2000 he was recognized as ‘Australian of the Century’.

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