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Recently Arera has published some clarifications regarding the bill bonus, known as the social bonus. Let’s see together what are the news on the matter.

August 2nd Arera has published the provision containing instructions, times and methods relating to bonus socialAlso known as bonus bills. The benefit consists of a discount that is applied to the amount of the bill, as long as certain requirements are recognized.

Let’s see together what the Arera said about it.

2022 bill bonus: who is entitled to and requirements


The bonus bills consists of a reduction of rates of general system charges and alongside the possibility of paying bills in installments and a discount on VAT for the supply of gas.

In order to take advantage of the social bonus, the following must be respected requirements:

  • households with an ISEE of less than 12,000 euros per year;
  • large families and ISEE not exceeding 20,000 euros per year;
  • users with serious and certified diseases who need medical electrical equipment;
  • pension recipients and citizenship income.

Also, the bills must be in the name of one of the members of the Isee family unit and every family unit has the right to only one bonus per type per year of competence of the DSU according to the so-called uniqueness constraint.

The bill bonus is due in the presence of certain requirements not only of the family unit, but also of the supply. In particular:

  • the rate must be for domestic use;
  • to access the social water bonus, the supply must be for active resident domestic use or temporarily suspended for arrears.

Alternatively, one of the members of the Isee family unit must take advantage of a (centralized) condominium supply of natural gas and / or water for civil and active use, always in premises used as family homes.

Social bonus: new for 2022


The social bonus has been enhanced by the new anti-price increase decree. The provision clarifies the nature retroactive of the benefit, according to which the bonus will be guaranteed from the beginning of the year for all those who, in 2022, will reach the threshold set by the discount in the 8,265 euros: in this case, the benefit will be activated starting from January.

Furthermore, the decree raises the ISEE threshold from 8,265 to 12 thousand euros which determines the right to the benefit. In this case, the benefit will be recognized starting from April, given that the widening of the threshold started from this month.

It will be up to theAuthority redefine checks for the third quarter:

with the aim of maintaining unchanged compared to the previous quarter the expense of subsidized customers corresponding to the typical profiles of the holders of the aforementioned benefits.

Furthermore theArera it will have to launch, at the request of the government, an ad hoc campaign on social bonuses.

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