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The gossip of recent months about his “affinity” with his lawyer Camille Vasquez will have caused him the famous Jack Sparrow grin. Well yes, Johnny Depp managed to fool the pink papers and keep his real girlfriend hidden for months. From People to Page Six And Daily Mail: all the major pink newspapers are convinced that the 59-year-old actor is in fact dating Joelle Richa member of the legal team who defended him in the defamation trial lost to the tabloid The Sun in November 2020.

johnny depp and attorney joelle rich in front of fairfax courthouse in virginia

Johnny Depp and attorney Joelle Rich before the Fairfax courthouse in Virginia

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“The chemistry between them is skyrocketing,” said a source close to the alleged couple a Us Weekly, “this is serious”. Opposite blow reported from the pages of People: “they are dating but it is not serious”, explains the source contacted by the magazine dampening the spirits of those who, after the turmoil of the Depp / Heard case, want to see the actor finally calm. First he fantasized about a flashback with Kate Moss, then about the mysterious woman who accompanied him this summer to Italy (who turned out to be her French teacher. ed). The relationship with Rich, however, seems to have several points of adherence with reality. How does the Daily Mailthe 37-year-old English lawyer stood by the actor’s side during this year’s Fairfax trial despite Depp being followed by another law firm (photo of the hug between Joelle and Camille Vasquez below) and would have stayed with him at the Ritz-Carlton in nearby McLean, Virginia, where Depp was for the duration of the trial from April to late May.

The hug between joelle rich and camille vasquez after depp's victory in the trial against amber heard in virginia

The hug between Joelle Rich and Camille Vasquez after Depp’s victory in the trial against Amber Heard in Virginia


But who is Joelle Rich? Born in 1985 in the leafy suburb of Mill Hill north of London into a wealthy family, she studied law at Birmingham University in 2003, where she met her future husband Jonathan Rich, married in 2011 in a lavish ceremony in Tuscany and with whom two sons. The couple would have recently broken out, perhaps right after Joelle’s meeting with the Hollywood star. The 37-year-old is an established lawyer specializing in “intellectual property, media and privacy” and is a partner in the prestigious London-based law firm Schillings representing the likes of Harry and Meghan (for the lawsuit filed against the Mail on Sunday) and Emma Watson. In November 2020, you assisted Depp in the lawsuit against The Sun who in an article had defined him as a “wife-beater”: Johnny lost the case, with the court finding the newspaper’s claims “substantially true”.

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