Who is Jorge Macri’s Vice Presidential Candidate, Clara Muzzio?

Officer of Juntos Por el Cambio, appointed by Horacio Rodriguez Laretta in 2019, She will be elected deputy secretary of government in the next election on October 22nd. Voting for Jorge Macri, who defeated Martin Rousteau on August 13 to become the winner.

The military had until Wednesday this week to nominate a candidate for deputy chief, according to Buenos Aires city’s election law. A few months before the primaries, Mr. Macri himself pointed out that “Paso City elects only the chief of government, and he is elected to that office.” may appoint a deputy secretary after those elections”.

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Jorge Macri Nominates Clara Muzzio as Vice Presidential Candidate

The city’s PRO candidate confirmed the candidacy of Clara Muzzio via the official Twitter account: “PRO He has ruled the city for 16 years, all the while Clara Muzio We are committed to transforming Buenos Aires. He started as an intern and has grown thanks to his hard work and dedication. ”

Reflecting on her career, the head of government candidate said, “She has served as director general, undersecretary and since 2019, minister under Horacio.” Represents the best PRO value in the city: Passion for what you want to do, transparency as a banner, and an eye that always looks to the future. ”

“I am so grateful that He is a wonderful person who has always worked as a team because of his history and ideals. And for treating my work and my family with equal respect, love and passion,” he added.

Who is Clara Muzzio, candidate for Jorge Macri’s deputy secretary of government?

According to information posted on the city’s official website, Muzzio is a Lawyer (UBA) and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Public Policy. (San Andres University).

his public role began from within 2008 Buenos Aires Congress Public Space Committee. Two years later, in 2010, he joined the Ministry of Environment and Public Spaces. Public space ordering and use manager.

She also served as director of the Microcentro program. Director of Urban Renaissance Department, Vice Minister of Public Space Utilization, Appointed as Vice Minister of Pedestrian Roads from 2017.

in his various roles, Minister of the City of Buenos AiresMuzzio is currently designing policies and Implement a plan for proper management of public spaces; to plan the projects necessary for the implementation of construction works in public spaces and to develop projects that promote the improvement and transformation of the quality of life in cities;

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Jorge Macri

Mariano Futira

Mauricio Macri backed the election of Clara Muzzio

through their social networks, and Moroccowhere he contests the tournament bridge, Mauricio Macri went along with his cousin’s choice decision Clara Muzzio as a running mate of 2023 election.

“and Clara Muzzio As a candidate for Deputy Secretary of the Government, city Two people with great experience and accustomed to planning, managing and executing difficult battles have come together. Despite her young age, Clara has had extensive training as a leader. started 16 years agoAssuming you are responsible, honest, hardworking, dedicated and studious. congratulations claraI have great confidence in you,” the former president wrote.


Together for Change aims to bring cities together

together for change will seek electoral unity in Buenos Aires city Emphasize the winner Jorge Macri Ahead of the general election on October 22nd.

Last Wednesday, when the results of PASO were not yet available, Horacio Rodriguez Laretta pictured with former Mayor Vicente Lopez It was his first public appearance since the election.

Government leader loses national election Patricia Bullrich headed for Recoleta Cultural Center of City cabinet regular meeting Along with ministers and secretaries. Alongside Jorge Macri, Rodriguez Laretta publicly voiced his support.

“I would like to congratulate Jorge Macri and say to him: We will work together toward the integration in October. And continue the huge transformation that Mauricio Macri started. You can always improve. ”

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