Who is Kevin Wynne, the Baptist priest who destroyed Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Icon of Death

The American has become one of the most important pastors of the Mexican Church.Photo: Mount Zion Baptist Church

In the last few hours, Mount Zion Baptist Church Located in Mexico City, Kevin WayneAfter a video was released in which he was seen destroying Our Lady of Guadalupe and holy death.

This happened during one of his speeches in Tamaulipas, where an attendee managed to capture the priest grabbing an ax and destroying the life-size statue of Morenita del Tepeyac with great force Moment.

Then he started attacking the statue holy deathis one of the religious icons that has gained a following in recent years, but has been a source of adoration for its parishioners for many years.

The religious figure did not hesitate to attack ceramic statues of Our Lady of Guadalupana and the so-called Icon of Death

These actions aroused the anger of netizens Internet users of social networks demand sanctions against a religious figure because they see him as lacking respect Against Catholics and their faith, claiming that membership is not compulsory, but must be avoided in such a way that undermines free choice.

doctor Kevin T. Wayne He is a representative of the Baptist Convention in our country, and his wife is a former classmate of his at Hales-Anderson College. Deborah WayneBy him he had eight children: James, Timothy, Joe, John, Charity, Rachel, Ruth and Becky.

Deborah was an important part of Kevin Wayne’s pastoral career as she Mexico He was fluent in Spanish, which helped the American acclimate to his Aztec parishioners.

This religious figure has been preaching throughout Mexico for more than 40 years.Photo: FB Mount Zion Fundamental Baptist Church

Brother Wayne, as he is called in the book global baptist church, holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and a master’s degree in education. These studies helped him become one of the Society’s most successful representatives everywhere.

According to the official website of the World Church, 2,500 to 3,000 people attend Mass hosted by Pastor Kevin every Sunday, which will enable a total of 6,032 people to be baptized and provide space for up to 20 new people to continue preaching.

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