Who is Lady Mary Charteris, the London icon that makes Kate tremble

The Windsors aren’t the only nobles in the UK, e Kate Middleton has a very popular rival in London nights: it is the model and musician Lady Mary Charterisbelonging to a Scottish aristocratic family, friend of Victoria Beckham, and who DJs at his parties. Blonde, blue eyes, eccentric looks, she is ready to steal the show from everyone.

Who is Lady Mary Charteris

The United Kingdom is full of aristocratic families, some still at the height of their splendour, others decayed, others still dispersed between “plebeian” marriages and entanglements of all kinds. But in the London night there is a star that shines brighter than the others, so much so that it even competes with Kate Middleton. She is Lady Mary Charterisborn in 1987, born in London but with a family of Scottish origins.

Known to the general public more for her friendship and his DJ sets at Victoria Beckham parties, Mary is known on social networks, as a model and musician, as the vocalist of the band The Big Pink. Her work at exclusive Posh Spice parties, since 2017, has opened the doors to the most glamorous evenings, and she herself it is highly sought after by stylists and influencers.

In short, of blue blood, but not only, in a short time he is also becoming a fashion iconwith her hairstyles (pink locks are always very glamorous in the capital’s nightlife), her eccentric looks, that make-up with imaginative colors, even for the lipstick.

Lover of music festivals, from Glastonbury to Coachella, among her VIP friends Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora appear, with whom he is often a guest at the most mundane events in London and the United Kingdom. Like Kitty Spencer (granddaughter of Lady Diana) and Amelia Windsor (granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth), Mary Charteris is very clicked on the web for her aristocratic origins, but she lives a life dedicated to fashion and the beau monde.

Lady Mary Charteris’ connection to the Windsors

Lady Mary Charteris he has no blood ties to the British Royal Family, but his dynasty is ancient and respected for centuries. His father, James Charteris, is the thirteenth Earl of Wemyss, sits in the House of Lords, and is a landowner.

If desired, there is a link with the Windsors: Lady Mary Charteris’ great-uncle, Martin Charteris, Baron of Amisfield, was appointed in 1950 private secretary of Queen Elizabeth II.

Since 2012, she has been married to a member of her band, the rock musician Robbie Furze: the wedding was celebrated in the prestigious family estate in Gloucestershire. Among the guests many well-known faces, including Florence Welch, Lily Allen, Poppy Delevingne, Sean Lennon, Keira Knightley, Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger. Her wonderful wedding dress, designed by Pam Hogg, even made it to a museum: in fact, it was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Lady Mary Charteris lives with her husband and their daughter, Wilde Jessie, born May 21, 2021, in Los Angeles, but the pull of London is strong enough to spend a lot of time in her hometown.

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