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That’s right, Jordi: This Saturday, Mexican actress Martha Higareda she got engaged to her boyfriendAmerican businessman Lewis Howesin one of his presentations.

A video uploaded by the speaker to social networks shows Higureda appearing as a special guest at a presentation in Columbus, Ohio. In it, Howes is seen kneeling before the actress. Don’t munch, FridaI was surprised and put my hand on my face.

As the attendees screamed excitedly, Lewis pulled out a ring from his pants. he proposed marriage To his now fiancée, he said yes to public applause.

I said yes! Dreams come true! Thank you for making this moment so special in my hometown of Ohio! Martha Higareda has brought so much love and joy into my life that I would like to thank you for what we will create together. I can’t wait to see it, love,” she wrote in the publication, which has so far received more than 336,000 likes.

The Mexican actress had not commented on her engagement on social media until writing this note, but she shared a story in which her partner tagged her, confirming that nuptials are coming.

Who is Lewis Howes?

Lewis Howes is an American businessman from Ohio who is engaged to Martha Higareda. He is currently 40 years old.

In his youth, he was a big sports fan; Play professionally in the Arena Football League, because his dream was to become an NFL player. However, due to an injury, that dream could not come true. In addition to American football, he also played handball.

A few years later He began venturing into the field of business and marketing, looking for ways to generate money. And this was achieved thanks to the Internet and social networks.

Without giving up his passion for sports, he decided to create a company in a field related to sports, and this is how sports were born. sports networker, a sports marketing consulting company on social networks.He is also the CEO of Sports Executive Associationa page for executives specializing in sports.

In addition to being a businessman, he decided to become an author and motivational coach. his books etc. great school and mask of masculinity These are best sellers in the US.

how is it give a lecture To motivate all those who, like him, feel stuck at some point in their lives and in this way spread his “positive thinking”.

Since 2013, we have also released the following podcasts: great schoolNow, we’ll be talking about business and self-development with a special guest. In fact, Lewis Howes is one of the most popular influencers in the United States.

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