Who is Ludovica Nasti: the disease conquered

Who is Ludovica Nasti: the disease conquered

Who is Ludovica Nasti, 16 years old, protagonist of My Brilliant Friend. About her We know her parents and her large family, but above all the disease that struck her.

Ludovica Nasti, 16 years, is an enormously talented young actress. She has put herself on display in the television world, making herself appreciated by the general public for My Brilliant Friend and beyond. Born in Pozzuoli, in the province of Naples, on 26 September 2006. She took her first steps into the world of work as a model. She was only a child and her mother Stefania, who has a clothing store, chose her third child to represent the new line. Her face later appeared in several fashion catalogs for clothing. This also gave her the chance to take part in the Four Moms program. Although she was not a professional actress, she later got the part of Lila Cerullo in Rai fiction The brilliant friend. However, nothing was given to her. Before being able to play one of the two protagonists of the adaptation of the famous novel by Elena Ferrante, she had to go through eight auditions. The work on the set obviously does not affect the schooling. Ludovica Nasti in fact regularly attends the linguistic high school.

We know various curiosities about her, such as the fact that her favorite subjects are geography, history and physical education. Having to continue her studies, while she was on the set of My Brilliant Friend she had a private professor by her side to help her keep up with her homework. She is a die-hard Napoli fan and in her free time she loves playing soccer, as well as taking hip hop lessons. You have two movie stars in your heart: Angelina Jolie and Sophia Loren. As for Ludovica Nasti’s career, however, to date she has found space in the cinema twice, with Rosa Pietra Stella and Mondocane, which has seen her alongside Alessandro Borghi. On TV, in addition to the fiction already mentioned, she joined the cast of Un posto al sole as Mia Parisi, to then also star in Mine September And Romulus.

Ludovica Nasti sickness

Today he can smile and enjoy the career that unfolds before him. However, Ludovica Nasti’s illness made her parents tremble when the actress was just 5 years old. Doctors diagnosed her with B lymphoblastic leukemia at the time. Although very small, she found herself having to fight for her life, with the constant support of her family. It took you a long time to be able to leave this nightmare behind once and for all, six years. Having completed this journey, Ludovica Nasti began her career in the world of cinema.

In the past he has had the opportunity to talk about it, emphasizing how his mother has been his pillar. Lila, the child of her brilliant friend, has always been by her side in the most difficult moments. The woman slept next to her in a chair every night. Memories now indelible in the memory of the young actress. She also remembers how her sister Martina di lei had brought her little nephew, Gennaro, just born, so that she could see him for the first time. Her brother Lorenzo di lei instead threw paper balloons into the air, so as to make her express her wishes: “Healing was a team game”.

Ludovica Nasti parents

We explained how the parents of Ludovica Nasti, as well as the rest of the family, are an integral part of his life. A very united group, which we will now try to analyze in detail. His mother is Stephanie Philip and his father Victor You were born. She has a clothing store, as mentioned earlier, while he is a city employee. A point of reference for the young woman, always at her side in her professional career, and beyond. The passion for great Italian films comes from Ludovica Nasti’s mother, with whom she has a special relationship.

Through her parents, the young actress of Mina Settembre 2 thus discovered the talent for Sophia Loren, falling in love with the world of cinema, of which she is now a part. It should be clarified that there is no link with the influencer Clare Nasti, beyond the homonymy of the surname. She has a sister and a brother, Martina And Lorenzo, both much older than her. The eldest of her is 30 years old and her second son is 27. Very close to both, as demonstrated by the various shots together on social networks. Martina is the mother of two children. Little curiosity: the eldest son followed the same path as his aunt. He stars with her in the soap opera A place in the sun.

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