Who is Mason’s Glove? Where do you live? Who is the entrepreneur? Know the history and see controversies of Luva de Pedreiro

Known as Mason’s Glove, Iran Ferreira20 years old, is one of the biggest hits on the internet in 2022. With videos where he appears scoring goals in floodplain fields and making funny celebrations using the slogan “receive“, Glove de Pedreiro quickly became a worldwide fever, including among famous players.

How many followers does Luva de Pedreiro have?

Until June 23, Luva de Pedreiro had impressive numbers on both social networks. Check out the number of followers of Glove de Pedreiro:

  • Instagram: 14.5 million
  • TikTok: 17 million
  • Twitch: 81.2 thousand
  • Youtube: 1.49 million
  • Facebook: 1.9 million

Mason’s Glove in the Champions League

Success took him literally across the ocean. In May, Luva de Pedreiro was in the final of Champions League, in Paris. He followed the final between Real Madrid and Liverpool and even met Cuban singer Camila Cabello. While in France, he saw the Roland Garros tournament, one of the biggest tennis competitions.

Bricklayer’s Glove in Brazil

In Brazil, one of Luva de Pedreiro’s biggest flights was to Rio de Janeiro, where he met Vasco da Gama, his club at heart.

Where does Glova de Pedreiro live?

Luva de Pedreiro is from the city of Quiingue, which is 322 km from Salvador, Bahia. Despite his success and fame, he lives in a very simple house, which has raised questions about how much he earns.

How much does Mason’s Glove make?

It is not known for sure how much the Mason Glove earns. In fact, very little is known about his earnings from social media. What little is known is the result of speculation and rumours. The contract with Amazon, for example, is speculated on the order of R$ 1 million. Glove de Pedreiro is a poster boy for the streaming company and appears in several advertisements.

However, despite this millionaire value, it was recently disclosed that Luva de Pedreiro has only 7,500 in the bank account. The information was provided by columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles. This amount, incompatible with the speculated collection, raised doubts about the relationship between Luva de Pedreiro and the businessman.

Casimiro detonates management of Luva de Pedreiro’s career in live

Who is the manager of Glove de Pedreiro?

The manager of Luva de Pedreiro, so far, is Allan Jesus, from ASJ Consultoria. It was with Allan that Glove de Pedreiro went to Paris, for example.

Controversy with Mason’s Glove

This relationship, however, is eroded. On Monday (20), Glova de Pedreiro recorded a video saying that she would no longer publish videos. The live generated speculation about the relationship with the businessman. Many went so far as to say that Glova de Pedreiro would be dissatisfied and that he would be breaking up. This was even more evident when Luva de Pedreiro deleted the description of the businessman from his social networks.

In the live published on Monday, Luva de Pedreiro said he was fed up. He, however, returned to publish on Tuesday (21).

“Thank God, Dad. I’m for my followers. What my followers said to me there, you know?! I don’t drink, partner. I want to vent… I’m fed up”, said Luva de Pedreiro.

See the outburst of Glove of Pedreiro

What the businessman from Glova de Pedreiro says

Silent until then, Allan Jesus released a note on behalf of his company this Wednesday (22). In addition to defending himself from alleged accusations on social media, he also raised the possibility that there was a breach of contract by Iran Ferreira, if he had another agency. Finally, he highlighted that the contract with the influencer runs until 2026.

It was also revealed that an eventual breach of contract would result in a fine of R$ 5.2 million.

Check out the publication and the text of the press release:

“It is with absolute perplexity and deep regret that ASJ, a company with vast expertise in the sports marketing segment, receives some news published in the press – which unfortunately highlights frivolous information, selectively determined, without any commitment to the truth of the facts.

ASJ and Luva de Pedreiro, with a successful trajectory so far, have a contract valid until the year 2026.

If any of the parties effectively wishes to terminate the current contract, in addition to complying with the agreed method, they must officially inform the other of their decision.

To date, ASJ has not received any formal communication and/or notification regarding any attempt to terminate the Luva de Pedreiro.

The only thing we have are evidence spread across the internet and news that would account for a supposed new agency, which in theory could constitute a breach of exclusivity.

In any case, urged to manifest or demonstrate the regularity of its acts, ASJ will do so with great tranquility, opening to those entitled to all contracts, documents, extracts and whatever else is necessary.

Finally, we express our certainty and conviction that the truth, as always, will prevail.” – Allan Jesus, CEO of ASJ.

New entrepreneur for Glove de Pedreiro?

After going live last Monday (20th) stating that he would take a break from the videos, not only has he returned to post but he may have confirmed the company that will manage him.

And this new relationship can come with the help of a former star of the Brazilian team. In this case, it is Falcão, who was world champion with Brazil in futsal. Falcão owns the company F12.BET, which manages several influencers, such as Ney Silva.

And it was Ney Silva who revealed the likely partnership. He posted a photo with Luva de Pedreiro, Recife, and captioned the words: “The family is stronger every day”. Falcão appeared in the post and interacted, implying that there really is an agreement. The meeting between Luva de Pedreiro and Ney Silva took place in Recife.

Check out all the latest news from Glove de Pedreiro

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