Who is Number Teddie, composer of hits by Pabllo Vittar, Urias and a bet on the Pop scene?

Number Teddie released this Wednesday (29) the song “HAHAHA”, which will be on his debut album, along with the singles “I should have eaten your friends”, which has more than 200 thousand listeners in Spotify, and “Can be worse” which has 1 million views on viewer, YouTube and TikTok.

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In an exclusive interview for the POPline.Biz It’s Music Worldthe singer from Manaus, who It is the new name of cast main label Sony Music Brasil, tells about the new single and its trajectory in the music market.

The debut album by Number Teddie will address with humor the problems that every young person goes through, such as relationships and expectations. O artist says that “HAHAHA” was the fastest song he composed and even reveals that it was almost the name of the album.

“I had demoed it in my room in 2020, playing a little kid’s keyboard, and I only had the first and second verses written. It’s a very important song for the record’s narrative and talks about our habit of not being honest with what we’re really feeling, regardless of what happens”, says the singer.

Number Teddie. Photo: Disclosure

Accompanying the music, the visualizer will show a stand up comedymixed with a sect, of which several men wear masks with the singer’s face. Number Teddie account that the idea came from his producer Zebu.

“I thought it was an interesting metaphor about all the masks we use to go out in the universe as well. We recorded with the boys from LEGU and it was super fun because it has several connections with the work that we’ve been doing together since the video for ‘Eu Deveria Comido Seus Amigos’”, says the artist.

Number Teddie. Photo: Disclosure

But who is Number Teddie anyway?

Born Geovanne Aranha, in Manaus, Amazonas, Number Teddie, 25 years, started singing at age 3, an age that spent hours talking to himself or making up songs. He spent his adolescence backstage at theaters in Manaus and began to produce his own songs and covers in soundcloud in 2017.

Number Teddie. Photo: Disclosure

Among the singer’s musical references are Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus, Courtney Love, Elliott Smith and Lily Allen.

The first authorial EP “I Was Born a Ghost” was released in 2020 and was produced by the singer himself in his bedroom. The following year, andn 2021, the singer moved to São Paulo to work on his debut album, which will be released this year, with the production of Brabo Music.

sponsored by the seal Xyc Disksthe singer’s first single “I Should Have Eaten Your Friends” arrived with the seal of one of the biggest North American radio programs “World First”presented by Zane Lowe on Apple Music.

Number Teddie: the “singing songwriter”

The compositions of Number Teddie wander through the genres of Indie Pop and Pop Rockapproaching themes with creativity.

The singer also signs the co-authorship, alongside Uriah and Alice Caymmi, of the track “Nymphomaniac”in Caymmi. The singer is also behind the song “Number One”, a partnership between Pabllo Vittar and Rennan da Penhaand “elemefazassim”, from CHAMALEO. The album “Furia”, by Uriahalso has lyrics written by the artist manauara.

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