Who is Putin’s Tsarina who owns a villa in Pesaro

Among the assets of the Russian oligarchs frozen by the Italian authorities there is a villa on the hill of San Bartolo, in the municipality of Pesaro, which is becoming a coincidence. The ownership of this luxury residence would have been attributed to one of the most powerful women in Russia, Valentina Matvienko. But it is not yet clear whether the property is one of the assets seized in our country as a result of the sanctions directed at the circle of magnates close to President Putin.

The case of the Italian villa of one of Putin’s most powerful women: Navalny’s denunciation

The discovery was reported on the website of the political opponent Alexei Navalny: according to the activist currently in prison, a well-known opponent of the Russian regime, the villa would in fact belong to the president of the Russian Federal Council, the upper house of Parliament, as well as one of the most influential female figures in the country (here we talked about sanctions on Russian oligarchs and their wives).

“In Pesaro, on a land of 26 hectares along 650 meters of coastline stands a luxurious villa of 774 square meters with a swimming pool of 20. On the gate stands the letter M which refers to Sergej Matvienko, son of Valentina Matvienko, former mayor of St. Petersburg and now president of the Federal Council of the assembly of the Russian Federation ”reads the website of the Navalny Foundation.

The case of the Italian villa of one of Putin’s most powerful women: the property

The villa had once belonged to Tibor Rudas, the Hungarian musical entrepreneur manager of Luciano Pavarotti who invented the triumphal tours of the Three Tenors, with Carreras and Domingo.

The luxurious mansion, which is in fact 50 meters from the Pavarotti family property, was put up for sale by Rudas after the tenor’s death and was allegedly bought by Matvienko in 2009 through a property management company for a sum of approximately 7 million euros.

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The case of the Italian villa of one of Putin’s most powerful women: who is Valentina Matvienko

Valentina Matvienko is one of Vladimir Putin’s loyalists, one of the personalities who can boast of the closest relations with the Russian president as he holds the third most important state office in Russia. Just think of the formal signature on the decree authorizing the use of the army in the conflict in Ukraine is yours (here we talked about the first kidnappings in Italy of Russian oligarchs).

The origins of Matvienko, 72, however, are from the same country that he is helping to invade: the president of the upper house of the Russian parliament in fact she was born in the Ukrainian town of Sepetivka.

Her political career began in the 1980s as an official and parliamentary of the Soviet Communist Party, before becoming ambassador to Malta and Greece, but always alongside Vladimir Putin from the beginning, first as deputy minister first and then as mayor of San Petersburg, the birthplace of the Kremlin Chief, who supported it in the election campaign on that occasion.

The same site of the Navalny Foundation describes it as “symbol of Putin’s corruption”And tells of his usual participation“ in public events wearing jewels and watches worth tens of millions of rubles ”equal to hundreds of thousands of euros (here we wrote about the digital ruble).

Also for these habits, the portal of the Russian opponent underlines that Matvienko “has never hesitated to declare the ownership of huge properties that she could never acquire on her own. Many can be traced back to her son Sergej “, stating how it is” so that Putin’s right hand has settled behind enemy lines “.

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