who is? The breast overflows in the stands

The World Cup in Qatar is on the shields, yes, but not for what happens on the pitch: in the stands there is a fan who is driving everyone crazy.

That the World in Qatar it would have been special we had largely foreseen it. It is the first time in history that this competition has been played outside of the summer, in a country which, until now at least, has had very little to do with the world of football.

There have already been some surprises: Belgium And Germany have been sensationally eliminated at the expense, respectively, of Morocco And Japan – considering that in the two groups team like Croatia And Spain they had been given for granted between the first two-.

However, what has attracted attention in the last few days of this group stage is something that has been seen in stadiums, but off the pitch. A fan capable of turning everyone’s head showed up in the stands: fans, insiders and viewers.

Ivana Knoll

Who is Ivana Knoll, the hot Croatia fan

Following the Vice World Champions of Croatia there is a special fan, to say the least push in ways and really beautiful. She is Ivana Knollalready seen – with less prominence – during the World in Russia of 2018.

Thirty years old born in Frankfurt but moved to Croatia as a child, Ivan she is a model of undoubted charm, able a few years ago to win the Miss Croatia Worldthe equivalent of our competition of Miss Italy.

Exaggerated shapes and that bold attitude, which has attracted a lot of attention and generated just as much controversy. The Qataris, in fact, are criticizing it and not a little for attitudes that are not in keeping with the culture and religion of a very faithful country.

Indeed, in recent days, there was even talk of the possibility of arrest for the Knoll, often in skimpy clothes that highlight a prosperous breast and a fairytale b-side. But for now the fans can rest assured: the risk would seem to have been averted.

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