Who is the life of Ignazio Boschetto? Il Volo, girlfriend, lost weight, private life and curiosity

Ignazio Boschetto of Il Volo has a deep passion for singing, is a fan of a certain football team and is in love with Anne Hathaway.

Ignazio Boschetto is one of the members of the musical group Il Volo, one of the most famous musical groups in the world. After participating together in the talent show I leave you a song, he began his professional career and today has an Instagram account with over a million followers. Let’s find out some curiosities about Ignazio Boschetto!

Who is Ignazio Boschetto (and where does he live)

Ignazio Boschetto was born on October 4 in Bologna, under the zodiac sign of Libra. His parents, of Sicilian origin, are Caterina, a pizza maker, and Vittorio, a bricklayer. He lost his father in March 2021, just on the eve of his participation as a guest in Sanremo. However, Ignazio chose to take the stage alongside his colleagues and friends albeit with a broken heart.

Passionate about singing since he was a child, he undertook singing lessons, also thanks to the advice of his parents. Then, at the age of fifteen, he made his debut on television in a program dedicated to talented children (I’ll leave you a song). In this competition Gianluca met Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble, with whom he formed the trio Il Volo. The three singers have occupied the first places in several prestigious international music competitions such as the Sanremo Music Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. They also participated as guests in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, although Gianluca Ginoble could not physically participate due to of the positivity of Covid-19 (he was connected from home).

The private life of Ignazio Boschetto

Ignazio Boschetto is a very private person and does not like to talk much about his life. In 2022 he had an alleged relationship with Roberta Morise, but no one knows if she is true or not. In 2021 he reportedly dated Ana Paula Guedes, a dancer of Brazilian origin. In November 2021 he wished her best wishes for the start of her adventure in Dança dos Famosos, saying: “Good luck my love!”. The two are therefore together.

Who is Ignazio Boschetto’s girlfriend?

Ana Paula Guedes, born in 1994, is a Brazilian professional dancer. In fact, she worked in her country’s version of Dancing with the Stars, Dance of the Famous. It has never been revealed where the two met, presumably on an Il Volo tour, although we cannot know for sure. On Instagram she is very popular and often posts photos while dancing or in everyday situations. Where is it lives Ignatius? He has a house in Marsalain the province of Trapaniwhich, as seen on Instagram even if not with assiduity, is very bright and with modern furniture.

4 curiosities about Ignazio Boschetto

The Il Volo singer lost 35 kg in his teens thanks to a personal trainer who helped him exercise and balance his diet. One of his passions is football; in fact, the singer is a great fan of Juventus. During an interview he confessed to having a soft spot for Anne Hathaway. He has an Instagram profile where he often shares shots and videos related to his magnificent work.

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