Who is the opponent who has scored the most goals of Cristiano Ronaldo? all the details

Cristiano Ronaldo It is synonymous with round. And yet it is the judge who has accumulated more patience throughout his history. Like Portugal, all our clubs are thoroughly enjoyed. Mientras los propios han visto al bitches In his splendor, he is rivaled only by Han Sumado Dolores de Cabeza Frente al Luso.

sports news Present all the details about Su Carrera and Destaca, which is the club where the most goals go. It will also be described as you select.

Who is the opponent who has scored the most goals of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo This is the number one after Manchester United’s first pass at Sporting de Lisboa. Sin embargo, el club en el lego el estrelato fu el Real Madrid. In casa blanca Convert to the highest Goldador of all time and get every type of bar. Therefore, we are not surprised that our main victims are the Señor de la Liga.

The club that has a lot is in Sevilla, The numbers are really impressive: 18 parties in apenas hizo 27 goals, with an average of 1.5 grit per display. Real Madrid won 14 of these games (lost the remaining four). He also has 25 against Atlético de Madrid. Getafe (23), Barcelona (20) and Celta (20) are also better than CR7.

The first club is not Spanish and that’s it tottenham, At Spurs, it’s full of Manchester United colors merengueIt was noted in 14 occasions.

In this episode, all the glasses of Cristiano Ronaldo are on the road.

What is the selection that is most popular among Cristiano Ronaldo?

As if our club were aware of Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance, portugal It has also been approved to keep its maximum figure. There you will find his fruits: Delantero transformed into the player with more celebration in international football. at the highest point of the visible list Luxembourg, CR7 with 11 goals from Risibidos. Lithuania (7), Sweden (7), Andorra (6) and Hungary (6) have also disappointed us on several occasions.

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