Who is Vecna, the monster and new villain of the fourth season

The official trailer for the new episodes of the Netflix series presented spectators with a terrifying creature: the Duffer brothers have revealed some more details about this character.

After the release of the official trailer of the fourth season of Stranger Thingsthe creators of the series Matt and Ross Duffer they answered several questions that the curious fans of the series have asked themselves while waiting for the release of the new episodes on Netflix (the first part on May 27 and the second on July 1). One of the curiosities they satisfied concerns the monstrous creature which can be glimpsed in two moments of the trailer, especially at the end. Who is this monster that looks even more threatening than the already known Mind Flayer And Demogorgon? Is called Vecna and, like the previous ones, it takes its name from the tradition of Dungeons & Dragons. It seems that in the fourth season will unleash a real war between the Upside down and the rest of the world (at the end of the trailer threatens: “You lost”). Here’s what we should expect.

Stranger Things 4: The advances on the new monster Vecna

Unlike other monsters of the Upside Down, this one has a humanoid aspect; it could therefore be a human being, or simply a person who has been stuck in that dimension for a long time, only to transform. In D&D Vecna ​​is a wizard who sought dark magic and who gradually transformed into an immortal creature. Talking with IGNthe Duffer Brothers of course didn’t say if they were actually inspired by the lore of the game, but they compared the creature to famous pop culture monsters, such as Pennywise, Pinhead and Freddy Krueger. The showrunners also wanted to emphasize that a real actor was used to create this humanoid monster and that what you see on the screen is “90% practical”, it means that the special effects have been reduced to a minimum:

We wanted a presence on set that our actors could react to, while in the third season they were interacting with a huge beach ball. We wanted something we could actually film, and I just think that makes this villain scarier, more real and tangible and we’re really excited for people to see him this season.

Vecna ​​Stranger Things

Stranger Things: The plot of season 4

In the fourth season of Stranger Things It’s been six months since the battle of Starcourt which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. As they deal with the consequences of what happened, the protagonists split up for the first time, and the difficulties of high school don’t make things easier. In this particularly vulnerable time comes a new and horrific supernatural threat along with a gory mystery that, once solved, could put an end to the horrors of the Upside Down.

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