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Refusing mobilization or deserting the war in Ukraine could cost Russian citizens and soldiers dearly. President Vladimir Putin has, in fact, approved amendments to the penal code of the Russian Federation according to which the periods of mobilization and martial law are recognized as aggravating circumstances in the commission of crimes related to the military code. With the new law, deserters and draft evaders are punished much more severely, for which detention is also provided for for a period ranging from five to 15 years.

Specifically, the new measures in the event of non-execution of the commander’s order in wartime and refusal of a soldier to participate in hostilities, provide for a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. A detention period of up to 15 years is also provided for those who desert during mobilization, martial law, in times of war or in conditions of armed conflict or combat operations.

The powerful banker abandons Putin: the striking gesture.  Earthquake in Russia

But as Putin flexes his muscles and the escalation makes the world tremble, the rumors inside the Kremlin about the Tsar increasingly “alone and isolated” are becoming insistent. According to what the newspaper writes The Republic, some of Putin’s closest men would not agree with the referendum to annex the conquered territories in the Donbass in record time. And among the very loyal opponents there would be precisely the “viceroy of the Donbass” Sergej Kirienko, that is the first deputy head of the presidential administration – the most important decision-making body within the Russian Federation – in charge of looking after relations with the separatist republics in the East Ukraine and with all Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia. But there are also other loyalists today opposed to the “special” military operation in Ukraine: Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with silence, while the mayor of Moscow, Sergej Sobjanin, having the “Z” removed from the capital, a symbol of support for the invasion.

In the meantime, I change at the top of the Russian Defense Ministry. General Dmitry Bulgakov relieved of his post as Deputy Minister of Defense. In his place comes Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev, appointed Deputy Minister of Defense and “responsible for the logistics of the armed forces of the Russian Federation”. A decision that confirms Putin’s intention, who will send a message to parliament on September 30, not to stop and to respond in all ways to the Kiev counter-offensive.

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