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The famous art critic and parliamentarian Vittorio Sgarbi has “done the cards” in the next political elections and has no doubts: this is how it will go

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There are a few days left to vote for the political elections of 25 September 2022but second Vittorio Sgarbi the result is already written. The famous art critic and politician said about him here who will win the election and who will become prime minister according to him.

Vittorio Sgarbi sure: Meloni will win

The crystal ball is probably not needed to understand how the next elections scheduled for the weekend could end, so much so that there are already those who break the delay and do not play superstition. Vittorio Sgarbi, for years the political face of Center-righthe is sure his coalition could too exceed 50%.

During an interview with Rtl 102.5, the volcanic art critic candidate a Bologna he went further and gave his prediction not only on the vote but also on the next government formation: the office of President of the Council of Ministers will go to Giorgia Meloni in an absolutely natural way “.

Vittorio Sgarbi and Giorgia MeloniPhoto source: ANSA

Vittorio Sgarbi and Giorgia Meloni

The President Mattarellaat that point, for Sgarbi he will have to take note of the result and “when there is no alternative to the numbers he will have to indicate Meloni, who will form the first technical government”.

The forecast on other political parties

Vittorio Sgarbi did not just look from his side of the field, but also rattled off numbers and forecasts on other parties that fought each other in these scarce two months of electoral campaign. From Third Pole from Carlo Calenda.

“Even if he were to take 10 he would earn 26 deputies and 13 senators – he said in the interview – What can he do when we have 260 on the other side?”. An impotence that for the politician and mayor of Sutri also concerns other camps.

If the center-right can count on four recognizable parties and center forces like yours We Moderatesthe same cannot be said elsewhere: “The party of Tobaccos And Di Maio what do you think it can take in Trieste or Bologna? 0.3 percent “. Emma Bonino from + Europe instead “What will it be worth? 1.1, 1.2 “, Fratoianni “Totally off the agenda Dragonsanti-American and anti-arms “and finally Bonelli it would be “doomed to failure”.

The political career of Vittorio Sgarbi

Should he be elected to the Senate in the single-member constituency Emilia-Romagna – 03 (Bologna) and as leader in the plurinominal college Lombardy – 02for Sgarbi it would be the sixth parliamentary term.

A long political career that at the national level has led him to be first MEP between 1999 and 2001, then Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities between 2001 and 2002.

In addition to his work as a deputy, he also joined numerous regional and municipal positions: Mayor of San Severino Marche (1992-93), by Salemi (2008-2012) and currently of Sutri from 2018. For the Sicilian regionit was also briefly Councilor for Cultural Heritage from November 2017 to March 2018.

In the midst of these experiences, many hosted in political salons and endless clashes both from the small screen and through social media – the last a few days ago against Alessandro Gassmann for a tweet about the Queen Elizabeth II.


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