Whoopi Goldberg and her husband: marriage is not for her!

Although having had an exceptional career, with more than 197 credits to his credit, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar And Tony Awards, Whoopi Goldberg has not been lucky in love. Married three times, she has not been able to find the right fit. Despite everything, her family life is busy with her daughter, three grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. The Oscar-winning star returned to her relationship with her ex-husbands. Find out the details.

The actress has been married three times

Whoopi Goldberg, real name Caryn Elaine Johnson, was married three times: to Alvin Martin (from 1973 to 1979), David Claessen (from 1986 to 1988) and Lyle Trachtenberg (from 1994 to 1995). Apart from these marriages, the actress has been in a relationship with Frank Langella, Timothy Dalton and Ted Danson.

Whoopi Goldberg had her only daughter, Alexandrea Martin, with her first husband, Alvin Martin, in 1973. The actress was 18 years old at the time. The star of Sister Act became a grandmother in 1989, when her daughter gave birth to Amarah Skye. In 2014, Whoopi Goldberg became a great-grandmother when Amarah gave birth to her daughter Charlie.

Whoopi Goldberg and Alvin Martin

Alvin Martin is Whoopi Goldberg’s first husband. He is a drug counselor. He gained some notoriety through his marriage to Whoopi Goldberg. The couple met in the 70s. At that time, Whoopi Goldberg was having drug problems and she turned to Alvin Martin.

If their relationship was only purely professional at the beginning, it evolved over time. When Whoopi Goldberg found out she was pregnant in 1972, things took off. The couple decided to get married in 1973. Together they have a daughter known as Alex. Unfortunately, their marriage did not last and the couple divorced in 1979.

David Claessen, Whoopi Goldberg’s second husband

David Clessen is a Dutch director. He studied at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. His page IMDB has 41 films to his credit. David Claessen has also worked on the filming of advertisements for major brands such as Nike Or Cadillacbut also for clips by Britney Spears, Jay Z and Snoop Dogg.

As far as films are concerned, we owe him in particular High sea (1983), love song (2000) or even Brothers of the Borderland (2004). David Clessen worked for Henri Alekan, a French cinematographer, before moving to the United States.

It was there that he met Whoopi Goldberg while taking care of photography on the set of The Telephone. Whoopi Goldberg and David Claessen got married in 1986. But the couple was struggling after two years together. They separated in 1988.

Whoopi Goldberg and Lyle Trachtenberg

Lyle Trachtenberg is best known for his marriage to Whoopi Goldberg. He is the third and last husband of the actress. Their marriage only lasted a year. Lyle wanted to be an actor from a young age. After his studies atUniversity of California, he works forIATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) and became a union organizer. In 1998, Tyle Trachtenberg made an appearance in the film Beach movie.

The reason for his failed marriages

In 2011, Whoopi Goldberg spoke about her marriages to Piers Morgan. According to the actress, she never really knew love with her companions. Whoopi Goldberg confirms her position in 2019 in an interview with New York Times explaining that she got married because that’s what people expected of her.

People expect you to have a boyfriend. They expect you to get married. So I kept trying to do that, but I didn’t want to share any information with anyone “, she says. She concluded the interview with: “ I tried marriage, it wasn’t for me “.

Looking back at Whoopi Goldberg’s career

Whoopi Goldberg began her career in 1985 with The Color Purple by Steven Spielberg. From the outset, her performance was praised by critics and she received a nomination for Oscars. This first role opened the door to Hollywood for her, she made a series of films and won a Oscar for his performance in Ghost (1990).

The actress is also recognized for her voice which she made available in The Lion King (1994), Rugrats, the movie (1998) or even Toy Story 3 (2010). Now aged 67, Whoopi Golberg mainly hosts the show The View on ABC for which she won ten Emmy Awards over the years.

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