Who’s richer: Shawn Mendes or Camila Cabello? The difference in their earnings is big!

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
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Who’s earning more – Camila Cabello or Shawn Mendes? The pair of artists has been creating one of the best-liked show business relationships for months, and their popularity, of course, also translates into the balance of the accounts. Can you guess how much each of them earns? On we check the assets of Shawn and Camila. It turns out that one of them has a wallet almost three times thicker. Can you guess who?

The earnings of stars have always aroused a lot of emotions among fans and are one of the most searched topics on the web. How much do artists and celebrities earn from their work and product promotions? What do artists earn more on – their music or maybe popularity online?

One of the most popular couples in the world of show business in recent times is the so-called Shawmila that is, the relationship Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Although neither of them is among the top-earning stars, the balance of the accounts of these two is already very impressive.

How much are Shawn and Camila earning? Which of them is richer? Let’s check it out!

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Earnings Camila Cabello it is mainly the amounts from the sale of CDs and streaming rights, royalties and concerts. Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend is unlikely to earn popularity on Instagram – unlike many colleagues in the industry, it is difficult to find sponsored posts on her account.

According to data provided by the American media, Camila Cabello has managed to earn the amount so far $ 14 million. This is not a particularly impressive sum – let us remind you that some artists spend much higher amounts on new homes.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
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He’s far better financially than his girlfriend Shawn Mendes. The Canadian singer broke records of popularity on the Internet at the very beginning of his career, which translated into his subsequent earnings. According to American journalists, Shawn has made about $ 40 million so far.

It is worth adding that in addition to the money earned on the music he creates, Shawn Mendes can also boast several quite profitable advertising contracts. One of the most successful was the one included with the Calvin Klein brand.

Shawn Mendes he also earns a lot from concerts – during the 2019 tour, the amount of tickets sold reportedly reached as much as 90 million dollars.

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