Why did Ariana Grande take such a modest wedding? She didn’t want a grand ceremony at all

Ariana Grande
Author: Anthony Behar / Sipa USA / East News

One might expect a star like Ariana Grande to organize a big wedding. After all, she knows everyone in show business and her wedding would certainly be the social event of the season. Meanwhile, the singer surprised us. We learned from foreign media that Ariana Grande took a secret wedding last weekend! Her husband, Dalton Gomez, of course, attended the ceremony and only 20 guests. Further so modestly?

It’s hard to believe that Ariana Grande managed to get married in secret. She married Dalton Gomez in complete secrecy. It would seem that a singer of such great popularity will not be able to keep a secret such as a wedding.

Meanwhile, we found out that Ariana Grande had married Dalton Gomez after some time. This means that the paparazzi did not manage to take any pictures.

How is it possible for such a great star as Ariana Grande to get married in secret? It’s simple – the wedding was very modest and only for the immediate family.

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Ariana Grande dreamed of a modest wedding

Some may be surprised that such a famous singer decided to have a modest wedding. Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez were married at her estate in Montecito. There were only 20 guests. It turns out that this is exactly what the couple dreamed of!

A People magazine source reveals that Ariana Grande is “very happy”. She has now decided to take the oaths instead of waiting for the “big wedding”.

She realized that she would rather have a smaller, more intimate wedding now. She is very happy that they managed it quietly.

We read.

Reportedly, there was a plan earlier for Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez to get married in a lavish ceremony, but then decided they didn’t want to wait any longer.

They decided to get married last weekend because their schedules matched and neither of them wanted to wait. They agreed that there was no point in waiting.

Adds the E! Portal informant! News.

He also revealed that the ceremony took place in the garden, among flowers. Ariana Grande made sure that the decorations were simple and tasteful.

Do you think the couple will later decide to throw a bigger wedding like Justin and Hailey Bieber did?

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