Why did Billie Eilish dye blonde? Finally, she betrayed her inspiration!

Billie Eilish
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By dyeing her hair blonde, Billie Eilish shocked most of her fans. Why did she decide on such a drastic metamorphosis? Was it planned for a long time, or had she changed her hair color on some impulse? During the last interview, Billie Eilish revealed what inspired her to dye blonde! It turns out to be the merit of the artist’s fans …

How do you like it Billie Eilish in the blonde version? The star got fans used to many unusual elements of her image, but one thing remained unchanged for a long time: hair color and love for green accents. So when the singer’s head changed so drastically as she was dyed blonde, many fans could not get used to it for a long time.

It turns out, however, that fans are behind the latest star metamorphosis!

Why did Billie Eilish become blonde?

During a recent visit to Ellen Degeneres, Billie shared how the decision to dye her hair blonde was made.

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I’ve wanted this for some time. I don’t know exactly where it came from …

Billie Eilish explained on the Ellen show. The star explained that she was convinced to make the decision by a fan remake of her music video, in which someone transformed her hair into blonde.

It was like in a dream. I didn’t think I would do this because my hair has been through a lot. I was afraid it would destroy them, but … I did

– confessed the author of the hit “bad guy”.

Was that a good move? I guess still not everyone can get used to the blonde Billie Eilish. But in the end, it’s her hair and her decision 🙂 Even if the fans helped a little in making it …

Billie Eilish was hiding under a wig! Why was she delaying the disclosure of the new color …

HOT 20 Radio ESKA – listing 14/05/2021

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