Why did Rihanna and Beyoncé never do a musical collaboration? · Rolling Stone

Successful pop music icons have never partnered, and some fans have raised possible reasons.

Rihanna and Beyonce are big icons in the entertainment and pop music industry, and would be the perfect match for a successful musical collaboration, which begs the question: why have the two singers never worked together?

in a topic of reddita community of online forums where people can freely debate on different subjects, entitled “Isn’t it strange that Beyonce and RihannaNever collaborated?”, fans speculated as to why the two did not release a song together, and many believe that Jay-Z be the problem.

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Rihanna and Jay-Z’s Reunion

After the release of “Replay Point”single from music of the sun (2005), Rihanna attracted the attention of several labels in Hollywood, including Def Jam Records, a label run by Jay-Z.

At the time, the singer impressed Jay-Z and record label executive LA Reid with your performance. Reid told the rapper not to let the Barbadian singer out of the building until she signed a contract, and there he waited until 3am to sign the partnership with Def Jamwhich lasted for nine years and earned RiRi six albums.

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During the contract with Def Jamrecords, Rihanna collaborated on songs with Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Eminem, Calvin Harris, Paul McCartney and even with Jay-Zin the single “Umbrella”present in Good Girl Gone Bad (2008). In the same period, Beyonce put partnerships with Lady Gaga, Madonna, Eminem, Alicia Keys and the husband, Jay-Z.

Possible reasons that prevent the partnership

When Rihanna became known, there were rumors that she and Jay-Z were having an affair. I’m sure that’s why she and bey are not close. – reddit user

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Others pointed to the different musical styles as a justification for Rihanna and Beyonce not work together. However, both have already partnered with artists from different musical genres, making it even more suspicious that they didn’t.

An alternative would be that the connection of the two singers is not so simple and economical, which prevents them from co-creating a song together. “It would have been cheap and easy to organize (in the past). There would be no additional label fees etc. It would also have printed money and everyone is obsessed with money.”

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