Why did South Korea became an example of the control of coronavirus in the world?


In a Timely Interview, a brazilian living in the country as they share their experiences, and an expert explains the reasons behind the success of south korea in the fight against the pandemic

In the past few weeks, whenever we speak about success in the battle for the new coronavirus, in the name of South Korea’s it appears. The country has been praised, including by the managing director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has encouraged the other nations of the world to apply the lessons learned from the republic of Korea”.

The country has less than 10 thousand confirmed cases of the Covid-19, and a little more than 150 deaths. With the completion of the test mass and the speed of identifying and isolating the infected people, are just some of the reasons cited with some frequency in order to justify the success of the south Korean company. The use of technology to monitor citizens, become infected, and also to inform the inhabitants of a region when a new event appears, among them, has also been praised, but at the same time it arouses a debate about the boundaries of surveillance by the government over the people, and a violation of their privacy.

What else explains the success of South Korea’s strategy for coping with the coronavirus? In this episode, Time to Interview three people to help you to understand: the two brazilians who live in south Korea, a student at Victoria Baldan, 24, and professor Henrique Teixeira, 35, share their experiences and insights with respect to the treatment of the country in which the pandemic; and in the second half is a professor of economics at the Federal University of Latin American Integration, Rodrigo Luiz Medeiros da Silva, he is a specialist on Korea, has a broader context.

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