Why did the whole world think Kendall Jenner was pregnant? All because of the famous manager mother

Kris Jenner caused quite a stir on the web by posting a tweet of the baby feeding bottle emoji and tagging his daughter Kendall in it. What was it about?

How to create a stir on the web? As it turns out, sometimes it is enough to choose the wrong emoji. Especially when you are tweeting about one of the most popular people in the world. And even then – and perhaps especially – when it’s your own daughter.

The story of one tweet, i.e. me Kris Jenner, made the internet red hot

On Friday, March 26, Kris Jenner, the famous momager, tweeted “You’ve got it” on her Twitter account, adding a baby milk bottle emoji and tagging her daughter, Kendall. It looked like an announcement that a model and influencer was expecting her first child. Of course, following the trail, for example Teen Vogue, it was possible to theorize that mother congratulates her daughter on another “child”. For example, about the perfume that Kendall Jenner created for KKW Fragrance. Their sale began on March 25. Or was she just progressing with the 818 brand, under which Kendall is going to produce her own tequila?

And although the world was on fire, this virtual one of course, betting on what was going on and getting excited that maybe she was pregnant, Kendall quickly put out the fire, responding to mom’s tweet. “Mom, this looks like a pregnancy announcement!” she wrote and added the appropriate emoji to it. Definitely more precise than her parent. By the way, it’s a very fun tweet exchange.

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Probably all the confusion is due to the fact that Kris was commenting live on Twitter for the episode Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She definitely warmed up the atmosphere.

The upheaval caused by Kris Jenner’s tweet also shows that if Kendall decides to get pregnant, or rather has such plans for the future, it will be the baby expected as much as royal baby. If not more. Then we count on the appropriate tweets of Kris, which will allow us to keep up to date with the matter.

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