Why do we always enter the plane from the left side?

However, you once wondered why it always was we board the plane on the left side? If so, we know the answer. Even on British airlines, where it would make sense to board from the right-hand side given the love of local traffic, passengers still board from the left.

It is true that there are exceptions to the rule (for example, small two-seater airplanes), but for those who fly commercially, there is only one option and the justification unilateral boarding two-fold. First of all, it keeps passengers away from the ground crew on the right side, because there are fuel fillers there, which at that time can easily refuel the plane.

Moreover, it also has to do with the early airports and at times when pilots did not yet have the assistive technology at their disposal as they do today: – Early airports were created so that planes could taxi outside the terminal and stop to unload passengers. The pilot was able to judge the distance of the wings from the terminal building and put the plane’s door in front of the terminal door, former US Air Force pilot Andrew Stagg explained on Quora.

Another explanation has to do with seagoing ships, not airplanes. Most people know that port and starboard they relate to the left and right sides of the ship. The etymology of the word “starboard”, however, refers to the right side of the ship, where the steering oar was placed, because the vast majority of sailors were right-handed and it was a more convenient solution. “This made the disembarkation to port, so most aircraft and jet designers followed the same convention,” adds Stagg. Mystery solved!


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