Why Is Dalton Gómez Different From Ariana Grande’s Ex-Boyfriends?

After the news of the marriage commitment between Ariana Grande and Dalton Gómez, many wonder what the man who stole her heart has

The actress and singer, Ariana Grande has shown that the connection she has with her now-fiancé, Dalton Gómez, goes beyond being special, after making the important decision to marry him, something that did not happen with her past loves. What is it about the young man that makes him so special? 

Let’s remember that Ariana Grande has always been characterized by being an open girl in her way of living life, and in the field of love, she was no exception, experiencing love in all its facets. And is that the former Disney girl went out with a large number of celebrities, among which are: Pete Davidson, Nathan Skyes, Big Sean, Ricky Álvarez, and Mac Miller. 

All these handsome gallants eventually managed to conquer Ariana, however, none of them managed to go beyond a simple relationship, as was the case with Dalton Gómez, who just a few weeks ago got engaged to one of the most prodigious voices that has given the music industry in the United States.

The young couple made the decision to unite their lives less than a year after starting their relationship, which has surprised the entire audience, however, the real estate agent and the also model had enormous reason to marry you. 

It was through a source from the People portal that the news was released about why the current relationship between Ariana Grande and Dalton Gómez is different from the others. And it is that according to a close friend of the pop star when the Covid-19 pandemic started, she returned to the City of Angels.

“Ariana Grande realized that he was very special.” 

The Interpreter of “Positions” was the one who asked Dalton on more than one occasion to meet with her, but it was until June of this year that he bought a house in the Hollywood Hills, deciding to move in together. 

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that a person close to the artist affirms that Ariana developed great feelings for her now-fiancé since he meets some characteristics of who would be her perfect man, which made him earn one extra point despite belonging to such different worlds. 

Ariana Grande fell in love with the real estate agent for her beautiful protective personality, constant displays of affection, chivalry, her great charisma, as well as the small actions that were stealing her heart. 

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