Why is the dress that Kylie Jenner wore to formalize her relationship with Timothée Chalamet making the fashion headlines? – Grazia

Earthquakes in the star system: after several months punctuated by rumors and suspicions, Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet made their relationship official. It was in the spotlight that the young couple chose to appear this past September 4 during Beyoncé’s concert (and birthday) in Los Angeles. For this anything but trivial reveal, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory actor and the young billionaire seemed to have prepared their coup. And for good reason: in addition to the major event where they decided to display their love in broad daylight — and their long embraces which would definitely be noticed in the VIP box of the concert, Kylie Jenner also seemed to have planned the ideal outfit for this exceptional evening. Indeed, it was in an archive fashion piece that the beautiful brunette set her sights and her choice caused a stir among seasoned fashionistas.

Kylie Jenner: this Margiela archive dress that she wore to make it official with Timothée Chalamet

It was the fashion journalist with a particularly sharp eye, José Criales-Unzueta, who revealed the scoop on his Instagram account: during his formalization with the most fashionable actor of the moment, Kylie Jenner wore an archive Maison Margiela dress. This minibustier dress, printed with horses — a nod to Beyoncé and her disco ball horse? — is in fact from the spring-summer 2008 collection of the Belgian luxury house. Her choice, warmly welcomed in the comments, also raises the subject around her relationship with the brand which usually has a fairly confidential reputation: would the young businesswoman be an unofficial ambassador or a simple aficionado buyer?

Kylie Jenner: the evolution of her look in recent months

If she has long subscribed to a very Californian look, sometimes tacky and often sexy, Kylie Jenner has made a fairly radical change in style in recent months: very present on the fashion scene and particularly at Fashion Week shows, the young woman is now giving way to a much more elegant look, in the wake of the Quiet Luxury trend. Rumors even say that she plans to open her own fashion brand in the coming months…

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