why Miley Cyrus doesn’t want to go on tour anymore

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Miley Cyrus has made a return to the top. With “Flowers”, a powerful song about her emancipation since her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, the popstar has put the world at her feet. With 1.4 billion plays on Spotify, the hit was a hit for many months, ranking number one around the world, including eight non-consecutive weeks in France. An ideal launching pad for his album “Endless Summer Vacation”, even if the following singles, “River” and “Jaded”, were eclipsed by the extraordinary longevity of “Flowers”. While she has just unveiled the new title “Used To Be Young”, Miley Cyrus is however sure and certain not to go on tour to defend her many hits.

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“You are observed and judged”

After my last (tour), I thought about it more by questioning myself. And I can’t. Not only I “can’t” but it is also my desire. Do I want to live my life for someone else’s enjoyment and fulfillment? “ already explained the 30-year-old singer in the vogue British, before saying more: ” Singing in front of hundreds of thousands of people is not really something I like. There is no connection, no security. It’s not natural. And it’s very isolating since you’re facing 100,000 people and then you’re all alone “. Today, in a new video posted on her TikTok account, Miley Cyrus returns to the question of a world tour, and the answer is still no. ” This is what people don’t really understand about touring: the show is only 90 minutes long, but it’s your life! confides the artist, who assures us that going on tour is not ” not healthy ” for her.


Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 6

♬ Used To Be Young – Miley Cyrus

If you perform at a certain level of intensity and excellence, there should be an equal amount of recovery and rest. There’s a level of ego that has to come into play that I think gets overused when I’m on tour. And once this switch is activated, it is difficult to turn it off. I think when you train your ego, every night, to be active, that’s the hardest switch for me to turn off. “adds Miley Cyrus, very honest on this subject born of a very deep reflection:” Having to endure a relationship with other humans every day where you are observed and judged is not healthy for me because it erases my humanity and my connection. And without my humanity and my connection, I can’t be a songwriter, which is my priority. “. Moreover, his previous tour, “Attention Tour”, had only been composed of five concerts in festivals at the beginning of 2022.

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