Why Mory Sacko deserves to be on the cover of “Time”

He is the third French chef to have the honor of the cover of Time, after Michel Guérard in 1974 and Alain Ducasse in 2001. He is also the youngest. Is it any wonder that Mory Sacko is thus consecrated, at just 30 years old? And that he joins, within the magazine, the list of the hundred most influential people in the world this year? “Absolutely not”, respond in unison the two gastronomy specialists, Anne Luzin, publishing director of the RHF which publishes the magazine Leader and Nicolas Chatenier, expert in world gastronomy and author of the book The English Key at Menu Fretin, for whom Mory Sacko offers gastronomy “a completely new face”.

“He has quite a few assets going for him,” says Anne Luzin. He is young, but his career is already full. He’s not someone who came in snapping his fingers and said to himself “I’m going to be a great chef”. He is still someone who has a constructed, thoughtful path, who advances step by step. »

“We are not used to seeing such dazzling journeys,” adds Nicolas Chatenier. Since his training with Thierry Marx, his participation in Top Chef, his star, and his worldwide recognition, everything happened very quickly. »

A model of success

Before laying the foundations of a “gastronomic empire” as written Time, nothing predisposed Mory Sacko to becoming the only Frenchman classified by the British magazine since Kylian M’Bappé. Of Malian and Senegalese origin, the chef grew up in the Paris suburbs and began his culinary studies at the age of 14. Born into a family of nine children, his early passion for cooking took root during family meals with African flavors.

After five years spent alongside Thierry Marx at the restaurant Sur Mesure, Mory Sacko revealed himself on television in the show Top Chef, then directed his own show Cuisine Ouverte in which he rubbed shoulders with many renowned chefs. In the meantime, he opened his first restaurant, MoSuke, and earned his first Michelin star in just a few months. Emmanuel Macron, François Hollande, as well as actors such as Timothée Chalamet or Forest Whitaker, appreciate his cuisine, as does the actor Omar Sy, who praises Mory Sacko in the Time.

The face of a strong story inspired by the world

At MoSuke, Mory offers French gastronomy, inspired by Japan which fascinates him and West Africa, where his parents come from. In addition to its openness to the world, it targets a diverse audience thanks to its two MoSugo restaurants which offer a more accessible experience with tasty fried chicken specialties.

“Charming, competitive, inventive and talented” are the adjectives Nicolas Chatenier uses to describe him. In addition to being a model of success, his values ​​have certainly contributed to his success.

“Mory is someone who corroborates a certain number of very positive things in a world where we are very attentive to difference, to backgrounds, to culture, to inspirations from elsewhere,” confirms Anne Luzin. It’s true that in this overall theme, he has quite a few assets going for him. He is also, I think, young and has already had a very busy career. »

A charismatic personality and quality cuisine

“Mory Sacko became a public figure, but above all he remained a leader. Besides, it’s only the cooking that interests him, the next dish, the next seasoning, says Nicolas Chatenier. Everything else takes a back seat, and that’s what also makes the character so fresh. »

Next October, Mory Sacko will open a new traditional French cuisine restaurant near the Élysée. Can accommodate more than 100 people, four times the size of its previous establishments. Nicolas Chatenier is already betting on “a second star” and “an increasingly strong anchoring of the chef in the excellence of French gastronomy”.

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