Why Paranoia, Angels, True Love Makes Us Love Christine And The Queens Even More

Christine and the Queens returns with a record of grief, sex and inviting mother of jesus, Three good reasons to listen to it (and love it).

it’s a symbol for accomplishment

Christine and the Queen is a decade of passionate and sometimes troubled love with the public: the international success of the opening human heat, in 2014 ; inconsistent return of chris, in 2018, where, with a brave gaze, the singer acknowledged her gender dysphoria. In the face of transphobic attacks, she did not lay down her arms without hiding her doubts and fears, which she did by constantly writing and composing. If the demonstrator redcar adorable starsLast fall, was misunderstood, Madness, angels, true love A confession revealing the psychological fragility that plagues us all, the dread, the wanderlust and the grief caused by the loss of loved ones – here, it’s mom Christine and the Queens, to whom he never stops paying tribute, honoring their graves with peppy beats and catchy melodies. What to introduce to his most beautiful album ever? without a doubt…

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for its pop ambition

,Welcome to the light / From where I stand, everything is glorious”, he announced from the album’s very beautiful “Overture”. In Christine and the Queens, theme hardly precludes the effectiveness of the music: on the contrary, the possibilities of metamorphosis serve each of the twenty tracks. Respecting its usual general porosity, here mix an ethereal R’n’B, a completely reinvented soul, post rock echoes and synth variations that call upon trip hop like cold wave. All in service of the singer’s powerful timbre, more outspoken than ever. for the production of Madness, angels, true loveAmerican mike deanStarring Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé, Kanye West … as guests, promising 070 shake And the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, who lends her voice to existential songs by Christine and The Queens: “Take pity on my bony body, those thin ribs / And worry and feel my folded ears / And the scars on my hands / Remind me of the flimsy of my skin / And it became a volcano.,

for its unmistakable fluidity

Now gendered to men, Christine and Queenie regained their original stage names following a change of surname to Redcar, which had unsettled part of the public. But he always questions his experiences, his readings, his observations, the fact of being assigned a sexual identity and how to extricate himself from it. His inspiration? Famous (and brilliant) plays, among others Angels in America Of Tony Kushner, Which was as dreamy as political using a register on the AIDS years under Reagan’s government. This epic could only be accompanied by the writings of Christine and the Queens, which, as she told, of the thirst for freedom and the desire to live (sur), received much criticism as their transcendence. In addition, it is often the question of angels here Via in the titles of the songs (“Angels Crying in My Bed”, “I Met an Angel”) and in the texts. Finally, fluidity is also linguistic: if Madness, angels, true love mostly embodied in English, with hexagonal language intruding here and there, and tangentially”love live again,My heart is hot, my heart is broken / You promised me that I would never be alone.On the cover, signed by Paolo Reversi, the artist stands like a Greek statue, extending his arm as if inviting us to listen to him. To love him, perhaps – and it is not very difficult.

Christine and the Queens, Paranoia, Angels, True Love, Because. from summer to winter on a French, European and American tour and on 25 August at Rock en Seine.

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