why some residents are calling for the eviction of Kanye West and his girlfriend


On vacation on the other side of the Alps, the American rapper Kanye West and his companion Bianca Censori are in the sights of the locals because of behavior deemed inappropriate. To the point of purely and simply asking for their expulsion from the country.

Accustomed to being talked about for his sometimes crazy remarks, the American rapper Kanye West, 46, is making headlines this time on the other side of the Alps for other reasons. On vacation for ten days in Italy, the couple he forms with the Australian Bianca Censori continues to be talked about because of certain behaviors that some consider inappropriate.

Starting with this scene captured by several cameras and reported by the DailyMail
. We see the rapper receiving what appears to be a blowjob from his girlfriend on the back of a boat in Venice. Although hidden under a balaclava, Kanye West, half-bare buttocks, was quickly recognized. On the pictures, we can also see Bianca Censori, her head resting on the artist’s knees. What trigger a real outcry among some locals.

Pointed out light outfits

According to the Italian Constitutional Court, this type of behavior could constitute “public indecency”, an offense punishable by a fine of 309 euros. A pittance, given the well-stocked bank account of the whimsical rapper. Some Italians, themselves, are demanding a sanction of another magnitude, in this case an expulsion with a big kick from the country. “The Italian authorities must arrest them for indecency with this obscene and disgusting behavior in public. There are clearly crowds, the children have probably seen it!”, Plague a surfer.

This episode constitutes in a way the culmination of a succession of attitudes which go down badly with transalpine public opinion. Several Internet users have pointed the finger at the Bianca Censori’s daring style of dress, reports The Parisian
. On several shots, the rapper’s companion appears in an ultra-tight skin-colored plunging neckline in the streets of Florence. An outfit associated with leggings of the same color. As for Kanye West, witnesses saw him
barefoot out of a black van
followed by his companion dressed in a simple bra.

“I have never seen anything more odious”, storms a user on Instagram. “There is no limit to bad taste”, reacts another while an even more acerbic user accuses them of “perverting an artistic city like Florence”.

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