Why spending increases in Argentina in spring and what items can take advantage of it

Buenos Aires — The arrival of spring is usually accompanied by an increase in expenses.. Rising temperatures and length of days are changing consumption habits, chance For restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, gyms, sporting goods stores, and tourism..Especially considering the spring months “Increased spending strengthens time priorities.”According to research by consulting firm Focus Makert.

economist Damian Di Pacethe director of the company responsible for the research thought as follows. It is true that there will be inconvenience if the purchasing power of the peso is lost, but To help families cover their living expenses, Latest containment measures for notebooks bring opportunities in early spring. In fact, he added: will lose significant real value over the next 45 days”.

The study was conducted by Focus Market for DiDi Social Mobility Blog and reflects the results of a survey of 3,240 companies conducted by a consulting firm.No. 1 consumer destination chosen by Argentines in springhe says, where is gastronomy? At this time of year, trips to bars with craft beer increase by 25%.

In that sense, research shows that the cost of an outing can range from $5,000 per person, but could rise. They say the average price of a pint of beer is $1,800, the average price of fries is $3,400, a few mozzarella sticks can reach $3,500, and the price of a burger is nearly $3,000.

2nd place, Focus Makert brands incur costs associated with physical activity. In other words, Consumption at the gym and sportswear. He said the average monthly fee to join a gym chain is $16,000, but the average monthly fee drops to $9,000 at a local gym. For sports clothing, if you buy a shirt, leggings or shorts, and top brand sneakers, the average cost of these three products will be nearly $109,900.

Tourism rounds out the podium of activities Argentines prioritize most in spring. According to the report, the top 10 ideal places to visit at the start of this season include Buenos Aires, Chubut, Córdoba, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Mendoza, Rio Negro, Salta Jujuy and Tucuman There is. If you travel to any of these destinations for a week, stay for 2 people in a 3-star hotel with breakfast, and include bus or plane transfer, the average price, depending on the mode of transport, will be They range from $357,500 to $699,800. Selected destination and departure point.

in 4th Among the things that Argentines prefer to consume in spring are: go eat ice cream. The average price for a quarter kilogram is between $900 and $2,300, according to a study by a consulting firm, while 1 kilogram costs between $3,000 and $6,500.

How much longer will Argentines spend this spring?

Considering this panorama and based on the spending habits of Argentines this season, our focus market is Forecasting regular expenses The other one is about extraordinary expenses this spring, and it’s about evaluating the potential for spending.

in the case of Normal spring costs indicated by the company, may be projected There is an additional cost of $44,200 per person per month. This quote Infer that people come out Consume at the bar 3 times a monthanother $14,900 in expenses, four more trips to get ice cream for a total of $13,300, and a return to the gym costing $16,000.

Source: Focus Marketdfd

in the case of, extraordinary expenses According to the study, at higher preference levels, the increase can reach the level of $809,400. For this, a person returning to the gym will have to update his sports equipment by buying a shirt, shorts or leggings, sneakers, for which he will spend $ 109,900. It also included his week-long flight to Iguazu Falls, where he was accompanied by another person and included a three-star hotel and breakfast, for an additional $699,500 in expenses. I will do it.

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