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This absolutely chilling affair has haunted fans of various facts for more than 20 years. Today, she finds herself at the heart of a Netflix documentary. Disappeared in Tokyo: The Lucie Blackman Case is to be discovered on the streaming platform if you can’t do without horrifying “true crime” programs. Not to be offered to the faint-hearted, however: this story is as true as it is shocking.

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What is the Lucie Blackman case? A story made up of morbid discoveries, debectable criminal rituals, Tokyo alleys, above all terrible violence. The story of a 21-year-old English girl, a hostess in a bar in Tokyo, who suddenly evaporates into nature, in July 2000. And what we will gradually discover… freezes everything just blood. Read on if you wish but: beware, “spoiler”.

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An absolutely terrifying tale

While relatives and family have no news, a search begins to be carried out in July in the Japanese capital in order to find Lucie Blackman. And a name will eventually hatch: that of Joji Obara. In other words ? A repeat offender. The criminal is actually known to national authorities for sexual assault. The businessman, who made his fortune in real estate, is also a regular at bars, those where the young British works daily…

It is the roommate of the Briton who would have warned the police, after being worried about her disappearance, following the meeting of Lucie Blackman, outside her place of work, with a mysterious “client”. One of the enigmas of this case? The same roommate would have received following her alerts an anonymous call, that of a man, not disclosing his identity, but affirming that his friend is in good health … and will return home soon. Which, unfortunately, never happened.

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Is this the same man who was then designated the main suspect and questioned by the police, in other words, the famous Joji Obara? The authorities found the latter’s number in the victim’s call log. Other confounding clues? His latest purchases. Cement, tent, and… chainsaw. Seven months after her disappearance in the middle of summer, the body of Lucie Blackman will finally be found… dismembered.

Joji Obara will be imprisoned for life. In his home, we will find video documents revealing a real ritual: the man brought the hostesses to his residence, before drugging them (using GHB and chloroform), and raping them. A terrifying tale, told in detail in this brand new Netflix documentary.

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