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‘Rescue Me’ is drawing to a close, A few days ago, the associates celebrated their 14th anniversary and just a few days later, they got the worst news ever. The most legendary and iconic event on the Telecinco grid will be canceled on June 23, just as its tune says.

A blow to all fans, but especially to the presenter and colleagues, who believed he would retire under the spotlight of a set that left so many moments for history. new owners of the series Afternoon with Jorge Javier Vazquez is replaced by Ana Rosa QuintanaWhich seems to be taking over the chain’s monopoly.

In now go we like to hear nacho gomez beauty Because every Friday it brings us a juicy summary of everything that happened during the week. and see, because ‘Save Me’ – a show full of brilliant writers – has been a great hero of yesteryear,

Listen to the full program here!

how to make resume

The presenters and colleagues have decided to face the countdown with good humour: they have dedicated an entire week to making Vintage resumes, rituals to ward off bad energy, and a “cotton candy” event dedicated to those at the top.

During the week he has a coach who prepares him for the world of work. Everyone except Jorge Javier Vazquez, who preferred to ask his mom for advice. who has also used humor and irony to help her little one.

owners hesitation

Interestingly, the show is getting some incredible viewership this week. So, it looks like adding humor to the tortuous dismissal is paying off. This hesitation to mentors will be included in the agenda of communication faculties in future. Jorge Javier Vazquez and his crew are already television history in Spain.

It’s Only a Few Weeks Left to Say Goodbye to ‘Save Me’ from the Chain’s GrillBut we’ll be watching. With his career, we get the feeling – without Master Joao – that The final touch of this program is going to be tremendous.

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