Why was Renato Alagaon removed from the program?

Why was Renato Aragaon removed from the program? He has not appeared on stage since 2019.

who saw Child Hope This Monday, the 7th, he was certainly waiting for the comedian to appear RenatoAragon. This is because he was the originator of the project with UNESCO, an agency affiliated with Trapaljoes and the United Nations.

Since 1986 he has been the titular presenter of this action. But that all changed in 2012 when he was removed from the role. Since then, Globo has been promoting a rotation of presenters and has already announced names such as: MajuCoutinho, Lazarus Ramos, Dilla Paes, Isa that is Thaddeus Schmidt.

Renato Allagan continued to make special appearances after retiring from presenting the show until 2019, when he made a statement in favor of developing young Brazilians. “For 34 years, I have been saying year after year that serious nations only advance education.” He said.

For the last four editions from 2020 to 2023, he was no longer invited. This happened because the comedian officially ended his relationship with Globo. He even remembered the legacy he left behind when he left the channel.

“I made ‘Crianza Esperanza’, which was also great. Then ‘Turma do Didi’ (1998-2010). I did a lot of things. I was very happy with Globo on TV. I can’t say anything bad, I’m very happy, we’ve arrived.” We’re doing a project, and this is an opportunity to do it elsewhere.”and declared to UOL.

Shuksa, Angelica, and Eliana steal the show in “Crianza Esperanza”

stage of Child Hope 2023 marks a historic moment. angelica, Shuksa that is ElianaThis Monday evening, 7th, we gathered on stage at Globo to represent children and adolescents in support of solidarity projects. The three of them attracted attention at the event and even gave speeches at the sorority club.

On stage, Angelica sang her hit “Vou de Táxi”. Shuksa sang the song Ilarie. Eliana then sang the song “Os Dedinhos” and gave a speech. “All their lives they have tried to make us enemies, but to no avail. Instead of rivalry, we chose sisterhood, a word that signifies friendship, solidarity and rhyming sisterhood, and bonding between women. No more competition. More respect and admiration. On TV, in taxis, on boats, we go our separate ways, but we are always together, because together we are stronger.A united woman can unite more“, she said.

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