Why was the filming of the next Brad Pitt film suddenly interrupted?

The Hollywood strikers can count on a new recruit. And not least. Brad Pitt has joined the actors’ strike putting a pause on the filming of the Formula 1 film in which he plays. “Filming is now at a standstill as Brad Pitt stands firmly by his fellow actors union members,” the Press Association news agency announced on Saturday July 29. The American star has paused production, and therefore the filming of Joseph Kosinski’s film.

“The cast and crew of Apex (the working title of the film, editor’s note) shot in Budapest but Brad Pitt asked that future dates be postponed, in solidarity with all those on strike”, reports the British newspaper The Sun. The film crew was also to go to Belgium on Sunday July 30, during the GP contested on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, in order to shoot a few scenes. But the trip was eventually canceled after the 59-year-old actor’s decision.


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First repercussions

Since the start of this strike, launched by screenwriters joined by actors, the film industry has come to a standstill, especially since the powerful SAG-AFTRA union followed suit on July 13. The strikers launched this social movement to fight against the impoverishment of their profession that artificial intelligence could cause. This double strike is historic in Hollywood and is beginning to have the first repercussions. The Emmy Awards ceremony, which was to be held on September 18, will be postponed to January 2024, in order to be able to bring together the stars of American cinema. The Locarno Festival and the Venice Film Festival are also affected by the strikes since many actors have planned not to pick up their prizes.

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