why would I implant people with chips?

Bill Gates took part in Tuesday’s Q&A on Twitter with Devi Sridhar, who is a professor at the University of Edinburgh and director of the Global Health Governance Program. During a 45-minute meeting Among other things, Gates found that COVID-19 vaccines are missing two key things: the ability to prevent breakthroughs and the ability to last much longer.

He also said it was unlikely that another, even more infectious, variant would appear after the Omikron variant. At the same time, however, he admitted that we had been surprised many times during the pandemic. He added that “Omicron will build a lot of resistance for at least next year” and that “we may have to take annual COVID-19 injections for a while,” Geekwire reported.

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Gates finally referred to conspiracy theories that have remained popular since the outbreak of the pandemic two years ago. One of them says that his involvement in popularizing vaccines is related to the fact that he wants to insert microchips in people. As Microsoft’s creator said, this theory does not make sense to him. Why would I want to do this? Gates asked.

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The entrepreneur and philanthropist is inclined to the concept that the coronavirus has passed on to humans from animals. At the same time, however, it emphasizes the need to control what happens in laboratories working with viruses.

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